Gossip, Slander, Hearsay, Rumor…..Targeted Individuals – I Am Floored, But I Have Come to the Conclusion That Most, If Not All of My Vigilante Stalkers Are Going on: Gossip, Slander, Hearsay, Rumor – in 2016 in the United States of America

I guess not much has changed since the time period that this song was written:

[Music Man]

Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little
Cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more
{Three times}
Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little
Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep


My elementary school put on musical productions. This is one of the songs. 

Gossiping. Wow. Sad. 

Based on small town America in the early 50's I guess. Interesting. I wanted
to avoid that at all costs. Small town gossip, prejudices. That's one reason
I put up with an HMO and liked the idea of Kaiser. Until we had Blue Shield 
in MN. You ARE treated differently when a doctor knows you can go anywhere
else at any time.

But, I fell in love with the Biggest Small Town I Had Every Lived in- Petaluma
You would run into people you knew all the time. I hadn't taken into account
that most people here have families and their time is taken up by those
families. I need to join a group. I might try the Universal Unitarian Church
again. It's large enough to avoid some of the cliques that affect small stat
up churches. As long as I keep my keys secure. 

Religious? Sort of. Organized religion has done some good, but over time 
more people have been killed in the name of "my side is better than your
side" than most other things. Spiritual, yes. Christian. Mas o Menos. I think 
God can get lost in the praising of Jesus. Yep. I got much  more from my
youth group than I ever did from the sermons. Much more from the Ragger program
at camp. I'd love to see that concept be brought into local areas. You are on
path of self improvement, spiritual growth and YOU decide if you are 
ready to move to the next color. Kind of like AA you only need to believe in
a power greater than yourself. That could be family.

But I am getting off topic. By all the "set ups" trying to catch me in 
whatever they can. By people still trying to see my reactions to "a teacher 
being put in an awkward situation" by the attentions of a not too stable 
child...........................I think teachers have to protect themselves.
I did start assessing in full view of the small window. I am not sure how
smart it is for teachers to fully block out the window leading to the outside.
It can be to avoid distractions. It is their classroom. I would love a school
run detention. That situation is avoided.

Believe you me, I about had a hissy fit when this dingbat of a parent took a
Scout to the middle of the bushy area to go to the bathroom. She stood a ways
back, but if it was such an emergency, two adults should have stood back. Stupid,
stupid, stupid. 

Anyway, more on this later. Let's just say that I am totally disgusted that 
people can listen to this crap thrown together with circumstances,
like my husband and you people trying to put me over the edge, a hard hitting
super child advocate who didn't like me talking to her co foster parent about
a student who said that I called him a baby. No, I tried to get the students
from calling him a baby.

Stopped working in a job early, had no control over the class (yep a wreck cause
of my husband and the likes of you), was "accused" of something by a child 
advocate (oooh), bipolar, 5150, 5250 (faked being well, but I wasn't), no
threat to anyone, but what is the point when one feels like they are dying,
no threat to myself except I couldn't take care of myself. And the clincher: 
female teacher with bipolar disorder. Based on a few headline cases. Must be 
true because the Sheriff's department says it is true. 

Gone back in time as far as mental illness. Gone back decades as far as
accepting what one says as the gospel truth. Gone against out Constitution.
Evil organization even if it really isn't an organization. Taking the place
of some organized groups and get to listen to gossip and pass it on.

True cretins.

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