Targets/ survivors: SCAN AND SAVE EVERYTHING IN DOCS – Gotcha! Won’t Stop Ya, But I Gotcha!

Skip down to: at 3:30…..WHAT DID HAPPEN IN 2014-2015 and 2015-2016? I was in a whole bunch of classrooms working and you totally disappeared. Makes no sense at all.

By the way a few acted at lunch or after, you just told them or showed them whatever someone concocted or taken after…..a concoction. I had given up on that. I just can’t believe that people would go by gossip. But, they will. Oh, I asked someone if she were alright. Either she looked at the way I responded wearing those glasses. I am not going off like a cowboy. Quaker on 3 sides. Get a life. Or maybe hadn’t seen that side of you. 


At 3:30 this a.m. I sent a document version of the whole Kit N Caboodle to two emails. I will make sure to download the whole thing to both computers. Yes! Well, only a very, very few people have access unless it was hacked. Actually, there should only be one person who has access. Might be someone at the county site. Yep. San Joaquin has an agreement. I have never seen it before, but nope you shouldn’t do that. 

No biggy. Someone noticed. I save often and try to do some in. Document. Written later. Oh, it is a biggy. When we use it we agree to terms and conditions. It is a document that carries information that can be used in court. 

You see, I learn.

The Constitution of the United States and the New Testament, I highly recommend. Those Founding Fathers were incredibly wise with this experiment called The United States of America. 

Everything sent to me. I have 4 emails. 

Oh, and you sitting around watching my expression. Of course that is awful and there must be a violation of parole – and it is over the top creepy. But, no, I would not stand around and watch someone beat someone senseless. Don’t kid yourself if you think you could get away with it. Oh well, here you probably could. 

Was anyone else disturbed by the fact that someone talked about bashing someone’s head in, in front of a child?  

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