Sensitization – Targeted Individuals / Survivors Need to Know This

It starts below. One of the problems you have is that some of you have been told how out of it I am. How I am on the edge and am not dealing with reality. Well, one year later………………………..I KNOW. And I keep proving that theory to be totally off the mark. Oh, I have no doubt there are videos of my acting crazy. Taken out of context of course. No mention that I had been harassed relentlessly in 2021-2013, or before those pics were taken. Anyway:

I am being sensitized. Though since I know it AND I am not that type of person, well it didn’t work last time. Sensitization is when someone is exposed to something like a color, a type of person. Sometimes the item or type of person is accompanied by an unpleasant experience at or around the same time. Then the Target is supposed to be triggered and commit a crime. I KNOW, YOU KNOW, THESE IDIOT STALKERS SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU CAN’T PREDICT WHAT A PERSON IS GOING TO DO. You really can’t. The human mind is a dangerous tool to try to fool with.

So, I notice things when they are different, I loved car rallies. We won! And I took psychology classes. The first class probably had Pavlov and sensitization or something similar.

When I was in a store: Sprouts I think. There was a guy in line, a friendly clerk and an African American woman behind the guy. A switcheroo was made. Something out of my cart and put back in so I would think I hadn’t put it on the belt. Supposed to cause anxiety. Then, I was at the United Unitarian Church in Santa Rosa. Someone with a badge, seated someone next to me. The lady seated was an African American lady. When the lady in front was gabbing, the ladies behind me took my keys from my purse. I was supposed to associate the stealing of my keys with the woman next to me. Nope, it wasn’t her.

I was to associate African American women with being Mob Stalkers. Oh, right. I was in the march in Santa Rosa. My sister forgot her phone, so while she was talking, I had to keep track of her. I turned around suddenly and the African American boy behind me looked terrified.

I certainly cannot understand how African Americans can be involved in this. Wasn’t fair trials one thing the heroes from the 60’s were fighting to get? In 1968, the last known hanging took place – 1968. I was 13. That is really blunt and disturbing, but too many people do NOT get it. At all. Disgusting and disturbing. I am watching an episode from Blackish. It’s has musical scenes – very well choreographed and written musical scenes on slavery and what happened “after slavery ended”. 1960’s. Yeah, right. THAT was eons ago.

I am sure I have mentioned the United States Constitution more than a few times. So,  for right now I am seeing a high number of African American for the places and situations I am in. No disrespect meant. I just know there were maybe two to three African American families in Petaluma when I moved here 21 years ago. I’ve been driving the route from work to the freeway for a few months. I notice when things change. Oh yeah. There were people a little too dressed up going into the restaurant where the sleezeball was. Was that part of the street theater? Make it seem like it was logical that he and his very fancy car was there. Way too many fancy cars in that center. .

So, the Latinos have probably been told that I acted awful towards my students with some of my voice throw in. Keeping those guys safe and directing them to move to another location was a challenge, particularly since my boss, and my assistant questioned me or my decisions in front of these guys. So, the chair thrower/runner angry at someone in his family was particularly challenging. I am sure the mom who I reported to CPS was recording my voice – to be used at some point. Geez. Suppose you haven’t talked to the kids and parents of the hundred or so “minority” group children that I have taught since 1977. More recently, there was a misguided parent. Bet she had a lot of great things to say like, “I am an old school, school teacher.”

The Mormons have been told that I am a threat. Nope. I AM angry at the puppeteering that the Mormons have participated in. The Mormon and Catholic Churches are EXTREMELY WEALTHY. They both have a very hierarchical and patriarchal foundation. Much easier to get stalkers out of these groups. Well, any church that has a high number of people involved and/or leaders involved is a CULT. ALL people who participate are cult members and are against our Democracy I guess. Since this type of shunning, stalking,harassing is illegal and destroys the sixth amendment. I would bet that your kids who know are at higher risk of committing cyber stalking.

More later or tomorrow. I posted more, but it may have gotten lost. Most of the posts below were posts that I previously posted but some may not have been.

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