Cars, Trucks and More Cars and Trucks….Love to Hate. Theme. 

This:greatest threat to Democracy. Look up what is happening in Cuba with sound. And – isn’t it nice to be able to take your hate and frustration out? Puppets. 20 years. Yeah, right. See stupid move below.

The current theme will be TALL AND SHORT. 

 Hmmmm. Guess I left this one hanging. Well. What is wrong with this picture? If it doesn’t come out – it is a relatively new white Mercedes with a vanity plate that says: MERSYME. Going through a drive through car wash in Petaluma, CA. Really?! Nope. Not done. I was just thinking that there are too many vanity plates for the are. Many from the 101 I gather. So, just speculating. This car gets off the 101 to get a car wash at a drive through car wash. Sure. When pigs fly. It did. But those pigs a must be flying. 


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