So ALL of you are trying to push someone over the edge, but you don’t think anyone you have ever done this to has gone off the deep end. Bet you wouldn’t be so sure with a guy.  I guarantee someone has. 

I guess all of you are psychiatrists, right? You know what the human mind is capable of. Boy, I hope none of you ever have a relative with mental illness. I am serious about that. Hmmm. 2% will be bipolar in their lifetime………………….that doesn’t include unipolar depression or some more serious illnesses including the personality disorders. Statistically, I bet at least one of you is a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t have to be killers. Some great business people or I should say some appear to be great business people. All they need to do is fake that they care about anyone or have feelings of remorse. Anyway, a psychiatrist would say you are ALL crazy, or at least your actions are crazy. Have you seen the movie, Insomnia? I don’t really remember, but it shows how one person does with not getting sleep. Should also watch Gaslight, the Truman Show…………..Guess these might be some of the people who can read minds.

You go with that one. You live with that one.

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