New Kid in Town………Puppetmeister’s Car

So, when I went to work for a school in Sonoma, a wonderful set of scissors disappeared. There were many and each cut out a different “edge”, jagged, squared. You know the kind I mean. Funny, how often the disappearance of those scissors were mentioned around me during the year. Really………………….I must have stepped into a time warp when I moved here or over the years people have just gone back in time. At the end of the year, it turns out that one of the care organizations had had the scissors.

Sort of like 1997……………… one bothered to ask me anything or look into my background. It couldn’t have been that hard back then. Ooooh, I stayed home with my kids when they were little………………my personal philosophy. I could because of money I got from stock when a company sold and with gifts from my parents, plus my ex made over $100,000 a year until things started going down hill. Yes, I did Mom things – I don’t know if working teachers get that. Fantastic. When I looked for child care in So Cal to sub, the choices were creepy. So it was Kindercare. Ugh.

Plus, when I was working, it was the first day of school, I would blink and it was the last day of school. I didn’t want to work full time towards the end of my eight years down south. I had planned on having one by 27 and one by 30. Life happens when you are busy making plans. Considering I thought my ex and I were both type A’s……………well, it was good for us to learn that we didn’t have control over everything. Extremely painful though. I had my first………………no way was I going to try as soon as the doctor said. Something told me that I was not a type A person by any means and I did not need two so close together. Anyway………………it hurt driving past two that were about three years apart. That wasn’t in the plans. Not like you can talk about it. Oh, aren’t you fortunate to have “”. Oh, yes, I thanked God every day for my little one, but not too many people I knew who couldn’t make those plans. However, I do have to say, in one year, four people including myself had miscarriages. 1 in 4.

Anyway, where was I going. Oh yeah……………………………..some of you along with my ex can’t imagine that I was a “Mom” and didn’t keep teaching. No thank you! My ex wasn’t so bad until we got here and he was counting the years he had been sole breadwinner. Get out my violin. That included the years in MN and the year in OR, plus the years helping our kids adjust to being in one spot and being a single mom when he worked out of town. 1/2 the time. Being Boy Scout treasurer because he helped so much in the Troop in OR, but kind of turned his back on helping out (except for joining trips) when we moved here.

Oh well. Enough about his counting. Except funny how he forgot how much money we had gotten from my parents in gifts when we were getting divorced. My money was ours but his was his to buy a car I didn’t know about and two time shares without me agreeing. We split his retirement and I had to pay him back $50,000 because he put the money down on the condo (even though we made payments out of our joint account – and I subbed a LOT) and because………………

Think how convenient it was for him to have me “out of the way”. He wanted me completely out of the way I am pretty sure. Horrid to think? Well, I keep trying to figure out if he has a disorder, but he loves his kids. A person with Narcissistic personality order can’t love anyone but himself (Trump – now, think about it and what he referred to regarding his daughter. Slimeball).

I should have gotten a picture of that car. I am pretty sure that that is the car coming down south. How did you work your way up to those heights. Do you get God points? Nope. Is it covered under a cover or hiding in a garage?

You’d think you would work with someone and get to know them. But can’t get past those glasses. Are you whispering lies to someone? My neighbor mentioned smoking pot around me. Like she was trying to see what I would say. The only way I would have looked like I had done that is if someone had added something to my pills…………………..seemed to happen one night over a year ago. BUT YOU people wouldn’t do that would you?

I wonder if my ex started up rumors. The sweet guy who teased me about moving after I was trying to recover in 2007. The one things I asked was that he not tease about that. The guy who had me trapped in the car and was going on and on and on because I just mentioned that I think it would be good for me to shadow someone who was doing a learning center. No, he had been the sole breadwinner and I didn’t know what I was doing. The guy who teased me in front of the kids when we drove past a certain town or street going up to the Shasta area………………”teased incessantly”. Passive/aggressive bullying. It’s called gaslighting. Interesting that it ended up with that name.


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