Why Gang Stalkers Get Off the Freeway When You Do, Turn Down the Same Street and DO NOT DRIVE PAST THE AUTO MALL AT NIGHT

The last one I figured out last fall I think. When I drive down the street in Petaluma, CA that is RIGHT in front where the new cars are, there is no one else there. Nope. Oh. All those really good cameras are there. Oh! Cowards that they be- no cars. 

I just figured out why there always seems to be a car that gets off the freeway when I do. They want to be able to call the cops in their pitiful voices and say, “Oh no! I think this crazy person is following me!!!!” 

There almost always is a car in front on me that turns going towards my house. Same idiotic voice. Oh no. I think that car is following me. Kind of like the lady near Pongo’s in Petaluma that accused me of trying to hit her car. These two cops show up at my door. It was in March because my dad was ill. I had one of the first of 6 flat tires. I had borrowed my sister’s car. I was not happy or very hospitable when the cops were at my door. Oops. I have started using the term cops. I have tried to not use the term cop. It is not respectful. Oh well. Those two were trying to be intimidating. Oh, I was tired and didn’t even realize that – oh yeah I was driving a car with a — wider turning something. Nope. Go away. Record of that visit?  

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