Update on “to school staff” down below and update here. Not me. Like I say down below. Would explain a lot. Serious stuff. 150 kids and they have to call. I now get why I was asked to call. I don’t think elementary appreciates secondary or secondary appreciates elementary. 

Boy, am I strong. Oh. I don’t think I have told this group that you can be admitted under a 5150 if you can’t take care of yourself. Depression, both times. If it seemed like mania with driving around, you dumb bunnies will tend to do that. No, high anxiety might seem like mania, but it wasn’t. Common to have depression for main symptom, but 30 people in a room. 

Adding this later. This isn’t about me. It would answer some questions. But, there are a lot of things out there. I hope not. I can’t figure out how it took so long at one school. Not that I want that for anyone, but judgement has to be intact. Oh intact. Lots of things like you people in 2013 tried to eat me up and spit me out. Hey, I am here. 

Who leads who. I lead. Where I go determines where you go. 

Oh yeah. My mom was a recovering alcoholic. She had to drink to have fun. I can laugh and have fun at any time. My sister told me that people here tended to be a tad more reserved. Many came from the east coast and upper Midwest. So Cal way back when. Nah. MN we just about died. No one even talked to each other in the grocery line. 

I do get a bit slap happy at times. Oh yeah. I laugh “at” the antics of some of my students. You don’t get much out of SPED if you don’t learn every day from the kids. I love having someone in the room – adult that is having a hard time to keep from laughing. That is why I like assistants that get a glint in their eye or shake their head a tad. They are feeling my – ? I don’t know what you would call it. They “get” it. 

Okay. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I do have halitosis. I don’t know why I do. But, I can tell by a kid’s reaction. Must be my unhealthy diet. Don’t have time to worry about it now. But, yes I have been using the mints that I have carried with me for months. All of a sudden. Whoa. I am the ultimate light weight. When I tell the doctor that I have 1 drink a month I mean it. I don’t know though. I might have To up it to two. Ask anyone who has ever gone out to get a drink with me – at least in the last 29 years. I stay in the parking lot and read or watch the local rabbits. Or in P Town I walk around town. A few times, friends have driven me around town. One of those friends left. Another good friend left years ago. Oh yeah, she was told everything. All. Not that there was much to tell. My sister and that friend assured me that teachers – at least at that school, had been around “drunk” parents even though I had not taken a sip of anything. When I was thinking pretty much normally after 6 weeks of a MILD manic stage – for the first time ever I did take Benadryl of simething because I had the good sense to get more sleep. Oh, I never really had to take something specifically for sleep until 2097. You know, the time when I had gone through instant menopause from chemo, had stopped taking Paxil because I was one of a small percentage of people at that time who knew of research studying Paxil and breast cancer. Susan G Komen site. And I was using a totally ineffective SAD light. Do you even know what SAD is? I think people knew more about these things 20 years ago. Maybe because their reality is shaped more by what they choose to read on the internet. Mr. Hamton, everyone’s favorite teacher called the TV “the boob tube” – we couldn’t say that today. Wonder what he would say about computers. 

I take too many meds to drink. Happy hour is perfect. Timed right for my meds. 

Oh. I found the chocolate bar and it was not melted in the car. 

Okay. Enough. God bless, and good night. 

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