OMG! Targeted Individuals / Survivors: My Vigilante Stalkers Are SO FRICKIN’ STUPID 

How SO FRICKIN’ STUPID Are They? Well – before you read this: put a post it on the camera lenses on your computers. Better not be any law enforcement people behind ANY of these EVER! Turn your privacy setting to on and your internet off on your phone unless you want more annoying scurrying ants around. Disable the GPS on your car unless you are doing an experiment on them. To think some law enforcement people go along with this. “Uh, let’s see which set up we can get this perp on. Does it matter if S/he is guilty of that?” “Hell no! We just got to get him behind bars.” 

I was laughing so hard at these stupid Id ee uts. I couldn’t quite figure out the fancy smanchy dude at the funky restaurant near Starbucks across from Sonoma State University. As I left I noticed that there were too many fancy cars in that center. I was just saying to myself that there HAD to be a LOT of people here from Marin County when I see a car on East Cotati Blvd with a Marin dealer plate frame. Spot on!!! Usually I am. 

Targets /Survivors. This is my third go round. Stick with me. You think crazy things are happening. Well, if they can be explained under Sherlock Holme’s rule then they are man made and not mind made. You heard that here first. 

So, this psychologist or psychiatrist has been “liking” my blog. THAT is weird. Any psychologist or psychiatrist worthy of having that title will: not know about this sh** and will say things like, “Well, sometimes it seems like there are more people.” Or, in my case, “Have you been seeing D?”  MFCC much better for me than my psych would have been. She’s even been to the hospital. She did not remind me of my ex. 

Anyway, it is strange that “he” likes my posts. Seriously. So, I am wondering if that is a fake picture of some model guy with some one grabbing his “posts” or someone’s posts. I am looking at the picture and this guys eyes are so interesting. How can you NOT trust someone who has those eyes?

So, fancy, smancy dude who is dressed for a night on the town gets a juice drink. I saw him with it. He sits down on a bench in front of me. Oh, I may be crazy – but I’m not- he or someone like him would have turned up somewhere because I was staring at that Psych’s picture last night and noticing those eyes.  I was busy working on my last post. I decide before I leave that this black haired dude in the fancy black car seems a bit like a slimeball to me. Seriously. A night person at work had needed to come in to clean the restrooms. I think that was the dark haired gent that I have only maybe once before. They must save him for when they “p” in the wind. Shoot blanks. Whatever means to try and hit a target blindfolded. Stupid ignorant Id ee uts! 

I am at work and my mind must have been mulling. I realize with shock and dismay (not!) that the idiot gang Stalkers have probably been watching through my camera and seeing what is on my computer. Talk to any hacker or computer programmer. They probably have their own servers and know that we are headed for much worse than 1984. The book. Seriously. I start laughing and feeling creepy at the same time. Really? THAT slimeball? Ugh!!! Keep trying to see which bait I will take. At some point the dark haired jock custodian stops me to talk about a trumped up issue with the garbage. Or gar- bajj. 

I am sort of done with my laughing fit, when of course the custodian is out locking the rooms and then disappears inside one. Oh pitter patter my heart. Not! Ugh ugh ugh. YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK PUPPIES. Sorry puppies. 

Of course there is someone with a backpack out front. Now the ants and scared rabbits are scurrying and hopping about on the road in Rohnert Park in front of Will’s Liqour and Valero. See. They think I am ready to pounce on any bait they put out there. Disgusting people. Get your minds out of the gutter. 

So SURVIVORS. I HOPE you learned something from my tale. They are fed junk and that is what they spew out. Hey puppetmeister – whichever one orchestrated THAT. Thanks for a good laugh!  

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