Gangstalkers Can Turn Their Heads 180 Degrees. A Dumb Doc

I can’t say for sure of course. I mean that is so stupid if true. Really? You had to turn your head 180 degrees. Sitting there gabbing for a few minutes and you turn your head like an owl. Second verse same as the first. 

Wow! If that’s true, you need to go back to school or take some refresher courses or spend some time with PTSD victims.  Got there and forgot which was yours? My MFCC had to spend some time at NAPA. I would guess you would have to be familiar with some serious disorders. And some caused by tons of stress that pushed someone over the top. 

Just had a thought. If it were me being the evil person -stalker. Not survivor. I would give out a little info at a time. Considering it has been a year, that would put people in doubt. Right? Puppeteer? I am just guessing here. 

Well, considering I have been followed for a year….. locked files on my computer that I didn’t put there?

I don’t know. My ex had many, many years to record my voice. Again, just guessing. He recorded my sister’s voice. 

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