Gang Stalkers Using Your Phone to Record Your Voice and Use the Soundbites

Oh yeah. That is one way the Puppetmeisters (control the ants and rabbits) could put out new “recordings” of you saying those disgusting things – whatever they are. Ooooh Weeee. Boy, is THAT breaking the law. Have you hackers looked up the punishment for hacking?

Doesn’t matter that statistically speaking the odds of me being who they say I am is very, very. Very low. You have those colored glasses on. Can’t change the color of those lenses. Nope. Just like you most likely watch and listen to the shows that support your views. Nope. No way. Never mind that the type of person they portray me as is statistically unlikely to have bipolar disorder. Seriously. I researched it and found a reputable article. Oh, but you wouldn’t know what that means. Anyway, most perps like that are intellectually challenged OR have been seriously abused as children. Oh – but, there are those TWO famous cases involving teachers. So, this MUST be true. You must still believe in Santa and the tooth fairy. You must still believe that Obama is Muslim. You have fallen for more than the normal amount of Facebook and email junk news. Without looking into it, you send it on. Maybe like someone in my family, you come across as racist because you automatically forward anything you see on Facebook that espouses your views. He stopped. I believe his conservative but intelligent wife must have finally said something to him. See, I was open to listening to his words and actions other than what he auto posted and realized that he was still the kind and caring man my sister married. I took in info and changed the color of my glasses. Because that is who I am and that is what my family is about. We haven’t managed to go to Tahoe over the years with 6 fairly liberal cousins and two very steadfast in their religious views way without being able to adjust the color of the lenses we wear. For example. I found out how incredibly brilliant my cousin’s son is and the way he behaved as a teen came smashing into me. Oh. It is not easy being that intelligent – and he is an adamant supporter of women and He is passionate about how awful the crimes against women are and how our society STILL can let a rapist go because he is the local town hero or?????  All our kids are brilliant in their own ways – even if they stumble and fall badly. They have the rest of us to say, “Hey, you messed up, but you are family AND a great person and you learned something – well, not 100% of the time,  but we are THERE!!!

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