While You’ve Been Trying to Bug Me Idiot Stalkers……Targets / Survivors – read to learn tricks gangstalkers use on your car. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. 

I have been looking for a chocolate bar that WAS in my hands on the way to the car. I was reading a long article on the tragedy in Vegas, I ate the rest of my salad, I looked for my chocolate bar, l was shaking my head that you are back to moving the seat in my car (shall I pull out the change container, turn a blinker on, change the radio station, recline the seat a bite?  Oooooh, aaaaah. Oh yeah, the mirrors can be moved from outside the car and most of these tricks take no time at all), I got out of the car to look for my chocolate bar, I just started eating a great apple, I HEARD the same truck go by twice. Sigh, I have not found my chocolate bar. 

All right! I got some chocolate covered almonds. But, there is a baby right next to me and two young kids in front of me. I could say that this really bothers me, or this is at the top of my stupid list, but I now really understand what pissed means. This pisses me off more than anything!!! Maybe you will understand these words: You are trying to push someone to go POSTAL. Is that clear enough for you I-D-I-O-T-S. Probably not. Mom and Dad will probably have them out in droves tomorrow. If you follow your pattern. How else can I put this to make it any clearer? 

I signed something in 2007saying that I couldn’t own something. My contrary nature being what it is – I never wanted something until I was told I couldn’t have it. Sort of kidding. No thank you. Aren’t you relieved that CA does this but there are tons of ways to get around that? A car. Push, push, push. Stupid, ignorant Id. Eee. Its.  Put a slight Midwest sound in there. For some reason I must have heard enough Midwest accent in OH and growing up in SO CAL to bring this out. 

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