To School Staff Anywhere That Participates in Vigilante Stalking…….

I have refrained from using this term. I didn’t want to offend anyone who hadn’t had a lot of education – not that that means a hill of beans. There are different types of smarts.

Here goes: YOU are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed

  • Most of you should know the importance of the Constitution of the United States of America
  • Most of you should know that the sixth amendment is probably the most important amendment as it is the foundation of a democracy – judicial system. Otherwise, take someone out and shoot them or hang them from a tree. Brutal but true. That’s the way it was done until 1968  – I was 13. We don’t play hang man. We play erase the face or build the snowman.
  • You should have the intelligence to know that evidence can be construed, invented, corrupted, created, people and kids can lie (don’t know what they would lie about – but one kid who from the beginning of a year said, “You are an old school teacher”, sure as hell did not come up with that on his own. Made it very clear to myself and my aid that he hated us. First. They say it, but this was truly felt and started at home.
  • You should know about forensic video and audio specialists. You can now watch a video. Trump is saying things he never said. AND using different accents. Obama the same.
  • The key words to use right now are: water, hot, face looks red or flushed, are you okay, do you need to sit down, water, drink lots of water, important to drink look faint…………………….No, that was not right………………..not what you would say. Few words and you say what you need to. No chit chat to speak of. You can sit in the sun, I will read with my book in the shade.
  • Oh yeah! someone got to my phone or not – but you can hear what I say. After a year that is not enough? Geez. I’m no psychiatrist, but……………………….You need to confer with one. A good one would say that you people are nuts.

New kid on the block:

  • Contrary to popular belief, not all of us think that teaching is such a great
  • First SPED job – subbing and then 3 month one one one for 7th grader in Mill Valley. Found out that I could be around middle schoolers without wanting to scream and run out of the room. Middle school boys not at a LAN party, but having to do work. Girls remind me of the year that I saw daughter’s soccer team as young colts. 8-9th grade. Yep, young colts. Boys. At a church swim party they stuck their hands in the cake. What can I say?
  • Out Sonoma Way – boss’s nickname was the chihuahua. Seriously. The director gave me a rave review, the ex principal was totally disgusted with the performance of my main boss at the final event. I was well liked and brought together a class – consisting of half who expected to graduate at the school they left. Fantastic assistant. Oh – despite this being in the works, hush, hush. Sign up for and took three Autism classes from the Davis Mind Institute while working on BTSA with a daughter starting sshool. This was when. So, like taking. Posting for now.
  • Next fall was subbing and then a great gig working with two SPED teachers, a tough group at one school.
  • The following school year should have been fine. Significant issues. I had been warned. But the assistant may be on the spectrum. My boss, when she was in front of her boss asked why I didn’t say something. No one wants to complain their first year. The kids were not grateful like the kiddos in Sonoma. What a difference a few years makes. AND this shit was happening. I don’t let my students say that. I think this qualifies as shit. Major stuff in my house. How do you protect yourself in a 2300 square foot house. Someone leaving a long leash like thing and a book without the jacket that said Murder for Christmas. Pills required to be ordered 90 days wort. The neighbors went along with me and let me store them at their house.
  • BTSA which I managed to finish. Somehow. Yeah. I must have been completely out of it. No, but you cretins were involved. The virus hasn’t spread this wide, but was just as evil. Oh, this started the school year after I told my ex I was getting a divorce. Funny how this crime is more against women, but statistically that doesn’t jive. 

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