Part I WRONG PLACE – WRONG TIME – Petaluma, California in Pain – CA and Others – Their Fear and Anger Destroying Our Democracy – Along With People’s Lives

Added Monday, October 2nd. I could sort of understand what happened in 1997. It shouldn’t have happened, but I could sort of understand it. Maybe I can even understand it better now, looking back. I can’t understand 2013 and now. There is no there, there unless someone put it there, contrived it or did anything (I mean ANYTHING AN EVIL PERSON COULD COME UP WITH or make up with tech) they had to to get it there. I’ve come up with some strange scenarios because I couldn’t believe that people would be gullible enough to believe something they just heard……………………………….guess I really don’t know humans………………or I thought we had progressed…………….how can you explain nothing happening the year I subbed all over the county and up north in Santa Rosa? THAT makes no sense at all.

Original post: I know why. I knew why the summer of 1997, but had pushed that to the back of my mind.

When we moved to Petaluma the night before school started, it was right after the Polly Klass trial had come to an end. I never asked anyone about it. I figured if someone wanted to talk they would. But, I saw the garden at PJH and the red church.

I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the family room in MN when my sister called. She told me what had happened in Petaluma. I remember being shocked. We asked, “How could that have happened anywhere?” But, we knew Petaluma. Not personally but as the town we went through to get to the River or to the cabin.

Everyone was shocked. I don’t think anything like that had ever happened before – that I knew of. My sister and her husband had a house they had built in Forestville.

I had never stopped in Petaluma. I had spent a week every year as a kid going north to see my grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles. Starting at the age of five. We had been in Ohio. I could write a post just on how I did so many things my parents did that I said I would never do.

I was born in Berkeley California. I am a fourth generation Californian. So, I had a ton of relatives in CA. But, no one bothered to check my background did they? Great Aunts and Uncles, cousins, and more cousins, grandparents………………………..someone owned a ranch on part of the Irvine Company land. Grandfather born ON the Sacramento – in a houseboat. Great Grandfather walked across Panama. Then my father’s side……………..and my long time friends down in So Cal. I can’t live there. I knew that when I was 12 . I came back from camp and realized that camp was normal. The crazy building and traffic wasn’t.

Anyway, I remembered passing by on the 101 with Cattleman’s being the end of the lights for miles. My grandparents had a cabin on the Russian River when I was little.  They had houses in Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek and a mobile home in Calistoga. Our family gathering place was in Occidental at the Union Hotel. My dad’s story of his first visit there is known by all of us. Started with our 2 grandparents, 4 parents and the 8 cousins. Now, gobs of cousins and in law cousins and anyone who has been to a-gathering-cousin. I warn them.

We chose Petaluma because it was and still is a place for families. The first thing I look at on the map is the parks. Petaluma had a lot of parks. That says a lot about a town. It also had a downtown. The town my ex and I grew up in had a downtown. Perfect place for raising our kids, and God knows, they needed a perfect place to settle. But I didn’t know what keeping the family going had cost me, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I might end up right where I am but I have brilliant, wonderful kids who have great memories of all the years of  their childhoods.  Despite all the moves.

When had this Vigilante justice started? In 1997 it was very rudimentary compared to now. I have written about that before. When all was said and done, they looked at me with chagrin. Because my husband showed up at the track with me. My husband showed up at the track.

But. Someone couldn’t let it go. I bet no one has looked into my past at all. Some good people have let their fears and rumors swell up until it has possessed them, overpowered them, overshadowed them. What a shame.

Tonight I wondered how many from the Polly Klaas case were viewing me from afar certain that I had the potential to hurt someone. No, but all of you have the potential to hurt someone. You all have the potential to push any person you want right over the edge. Who is to say who that person might take with him? Yet, you drive around with the kids.

Have you read Richard Allen’s criminal record? I think his dad turned him in before he was 12. He assaulted women and served half his time if that. Yes, this town was in a lot of pain. That was a time when we were fearful for our kids. I wouldn’t let my 6th grade son walk home if he missed the bus. Which happened a lot. We didn’t know that a gang of kids cut through the park. I would have felt better about the park then a straight shot down I street.

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