Somewhere in This Country Someone Will Get Hurt From Irresponsible Behavior Like the Following

So, tie dye is in. I know that. I bought a small tie dye purse. This teen with her mom and dressed in a tie dye shirt, makes a big deal of turning around and walking towards me. Then back. Are you people totally out of your minds? You must be. Imagine if you kept pushing someone – even someone who has never had a day of depression. Nothing. Great citizen! Eagle Scout. You start gaslighting, stealing, btighting, mobbing at work, trying to drive the person crazy. You destroy the person’s ability to sleep. Not me. I know what is going on. The person is agitated with no sleep. Keeps seeing people with polka dots, then this, then that. Then a silly teen age girl wearing tie dye after a week of tie dye all around. He goes off the deep end. THIS is not a game people. 20 years ago this was done with people in good shape and with experience. Someone, somewhere in the U. S. is going to get hurt. A vehicle can be a weapon, but you act like it is a toy. 

It has been 20 years. It has been 3 years. It has been one solid year. You are the crazy ones. Like this is a lark that anyone should get involved in. Someone needs to stop this before someone gets hurt. 

But, anger, fear, hate, lies, rumors, the virus spreads and is totally out of control. 

But, a child used as a poster child for vigilantism.    

I said today, “And her Theater has not even been finished.” 

Some innocent people are going to get hurt. Innocent – the target might be innocent. I sure as hell am. But who made you judge, jury and God?

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