Infrasound Harassment in Cuba on U.S. Diplomats – They Think

“Transmission of infrasound energy through the air is not as efficient as transmission through mechanical vibrations at infrasound frequencies,” according to the NIH. Such weapons are sometimes users for riot control in some countries or in war torn areas, the more serious weapons emit loud shrill noise that can be debilitating. The type of acoustic weapon that was possible used on the diplomats is currently unknown, if one was even used at all.

A travel notice is expected from officials Friday that will include travel warnings, USA Today reported. Supposedly some of the attacks took place in Cuban hotels, but no Americans traveling in Cuba have reported suffering from such attacks while traveling.

Symptoms typically present physically and seemingly unexplained. They can include nausea, headaches, hearing loss, dizziness and an overall sick feeling. While some symptoms go away the hearing loss can be permanent.”

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