NOT a Delivery Van

I just noticed how dinged up this van is on the back passenger side. So there were a LOT of cars driving through my complex today – that didn’t belong here. This one stopped. I thought, “Delivery van?”  Then, “From Oregon?” A while later this guy comes wandering by when I was still over by the mailboxes. I was ranting out loud – not too loudly about the sixth Amendment.  He looked lost. I asked if I could help him. All I could do was point him towards the maps. Funny. He was carrying one package in an Amazon box and one in other boxes. NOT a delivery man. I truly do not understand how people who are descendants of African slaves (includes most peoples who are of African descent – not from Africa – Obama is not a descender of a slave. No big deal, just a realization. The way African Americans were treated – the down on one knee might have something to do with the Constitution of the United States of America DID NOT apply to Black Americans at the time. I don’t think the Pledge applied at the time WHEN it was written by a SOCIALIST who wrote it for any nation to use. Anyway, considering that there is a man who has been in prison for ten years awaiting trial is enough to make my blood boil. Yes – African American. Doing this for a higher cause. Oh, I don’t doubt the brothers of the KKK thought they were doing their brand of Vigilante justice for a higher cause also. Guess they don’t know that Jesus was Jewish and looked like the people from the area. Not the one pictured with long flowing blond hair.

Maybe “To Kill. Mocking Bird should be on your reading list along with the New Testament and any books on the injustice system in the United States. Before some of you get your knickers in a twist. The Veterans who went to South Dakota to be with the Native people to protect them and their right to protest. Since Vietnam, I have said that I doubt I would burn an American flag, but I would defend anyone’s right to do so. Oh, some of you are pissed. You do not remember the forced way in which communists made their people show up and political gatherings or else. This IS the United States of America. Jehovah’s Witnesses fought for the right of their children not to have to say, “The Pledge of Allegiance”. It has to do with a religious belief. They won’t pledge allegience to any country. Russia is starting to discriminate against the. Again. Thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses were killed during the Holocaust. Bet you didn’t know that.

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