This and That – oh yes, Latinos and my Predjudices 

I think the guy who cuts my hair was a little uncomfortable. His old reaction to saying something crazy like, “There was weird stuff going on at Cuts Etcetera 20 years ago.” Would have been to discount it. I then went on about some good friends whose daughters are like “cousins” to my daughter. They call me “Aunt Ann”. Martinez is their name. I then went on to talk about the Montanez’s and how I would post an article about how Eugene started his print business in his parents’ garage. See, someone had loaned my stylist glasses that labeled me as “against Latinos” or Latino kids. I also talked about the two groups from my church that went down to Mexico. One through Futuro del Oro in Tiajuana. We worked on a Church. Then, we went to Calexico to work on a school. Craig and I were co-moderators. The boys were told to not wear shorts. They went out running and were whistled at my the local teens. Got to learn the social mores if you are a visitor. I didn’t have a chance to tell him about my student heroes – those who fight bad odds. , but have gumption. Those students happen to be Latino. A girl who was in 5th and a boy in first. I hope the stylist felt dissonance because it is easy to take in falsehoods or any strong belief. But almost impossible to go back. This time it has been a year. Go me!

Oh- Craig was killed in a military copter accident. Great person. Still twinges when I think of that.

Yeah. Right. And I am supposed to act how?  Years ago. I was faced with a quandary – before cell phones. There was this little guy wandering around. A bus had dropped at the wrong stop.  And he was little. I can’t remember what I did, but I walked with him until someone came looking for him. Yeah. Right.

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