Imagine the Hate a Mob Stalker Could Have After All That Time. 

Actually, someone at work was the perfect example. There was an incident at a local school. Totally scary. I don’t know how this person could have been let out. I understand the feelings people have. I do. I tend to rant at times. When I see newspapers articles I rant. I mentioned the guy who was out and who had moved to Rohnert Park. To me both are scary, but the interview I saw of the man in Rohnert Park was one of the most disturbing that I have ever seen. He has no concept that what he is doing is wrong. None. I never got to say that. The focus was on the guy at the school.

I have a question: IF there were someone involved in a bunch of weird random “set ups” and was PROVEN to be wrong – but just couldn’t be wrong, what lengths would he go to?

You answered my question. This guy – from my past –  has let this fester for 21 years. Oh, his buddies gave support. But, after planning ahead – I could be wrong – but I am not- waited until just the right time and with my ex’s help tried in 2012-2013. 6 months after I told my ex. Gave me hell. Does the p and S from a long time back know now that I WAS telling the truth?

I was out of commission in 2013-2014 until I figured out that I need Seratonin. But, I worked all over in 2014-2015 and up as far north as I could go in one town in 2015-2017. Nada. Nothing. Not one single thing AT ALL.

BUT that person who carries such hatred, he must know what some guys would resort to, to get a person who he was positive was guilty of something. Would resort to ANYTHING. DO ANYTHING. Yep. That person would.

I now truly get it.

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