Targeted Individuals, Very Typical Nor Cal Sticker Shock (NOT) Cars

Thank you! I am organized and set for the year.

The main “tells” are the “woof” sticker (any sticker pertaining to cats or dogs – plate frames with kitty paws), the oval stickers that pertain to a place, keep Tahoe blue, Star Wars type stickers, the US flag. 

I am guessing (after almost a year of observation), that many of these Vigilante Mob Stalkers are: relatively conservative (Bernie stickers? Bet you voted for Trump), pro no gun bans or testing (how about a questionnaire just to weed out the idiots who don’t know how to keep a gun with a child in the house), really easily convinced of something by those in authority and once they believe something they can’t go back (because they can’t ever be wrong), are fairly or very religious – despite the one DEIST, about half are very used to following orders on the job or a religious group (that is part of a set hierarchy like found in the military, police type organizations (sheriffs, police, highway patrol, fire fighters, Cal Fire, strict Evangelicals, Mormons, Catholics, 7th day Adventists) and spouses. Baptists – did you know that the Baptists were very strongly supportive of separation of church and state because each state had its own laws and some good “Christian” folk would take away their babies? Oh but you wouldn’t look that up because you only listen to sources that support your point of view (same with super lefties I suppose). And believe that it is okay to break the law and hurt others in the name of God (even if this goes against the New Testament, Abraham Lincoln, and many religious teachings). 

Have absolutely NO idea what the sixth amendment truly is about. 

I am starting to see more and more cars twice in the same day – going around the Rosie. 

Haven’t read 1984 or any such book, doesn’t know what the Stasi is or that NO TOUCH TORTURE was used so that the Stasi no longer had to break arms or legs or make people disappear. They did this with the hope that that person would do themselves in. And, just like any bully, you are cowards and like the KKK hids behind your cars and lights. Ooooooh. Many of the truck owners are my age and older.

Don’t know that these tactics helped keep the WALL up for as long as it was. Seriously. But you only look into subjects which will uphold your views. Don’t ask why no one cared where I was in 2014-2016 (mid October). 

I said MANY. The rest of you are joining up with these such puppies even if you truly know better. Oh but that dissonance. One bully gets someone to go along. Just enough to get the others to think that must be true because their non bully friend believes. 

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