Bosses. I Really Don’t Think All of Them Know. Syncope and ANYTHING You Don’t Understand….And a Stupid Move by a Gangstalker!!!

This Neanderthal started saying, “Why are y…..”. He would have finished it with “ou taking a picture of my car?” I had only said in my irritating high pitched voice, “Oh, a cherry (old fashioned term for a cool car that is in prime condition) car and a skeleton fish too!” I was not taking a pic. In fact, he could not see me from where He was. So, just like some of the rest of you, he was primed and ready to say those words, and blew it big time. Then, I said, “Oh, my hypothesis was right. Blew it!” Or some such thing. Calling him Neanderthal Man. Now. Can’t acuse him of anything, but he did start yelling at me for no good reason. 

As did this Fed Ex guy who was making a delivery and drove past me at around 19:00 near Baskin-Robbins. He yelled something at me about not getting a video. Wow!  He broke protocol. Packages are tracked. I am sure that someone could figure out who was driving that Fed Ex truck and yelled that out. 

To be posted soon. SOON. 

I was at a car place. I had gotten a certain look of disgust from one worker. But, the boss guy. I think he was genuine. Not a Stepford boss. Nope. It would be super stupid for a boss or owner to do gangstalking. Criminal activity. Though I can’t think what criminal thing they could do. Unless standing around in a large group was supposed to mean something. I just thought about that now – oh it must have bothered me so much that I blocked it. No, didn’t cross my mind until now. Oh. Harassment. So if you have passed me in your car also with the intent to cause fear. You have committed stalking according to CA law. Oops. Truly. I did not think twice about it. 

Hmmmm. I actually think there were more guys there than were on duty – reflecting back or mulling. 

The problem with most mob stalkers / and people today and going way back in time is if they are not familiar with something they base their decisions on what they do know. I know that because of syncope, I have two small plates (on each side of one ankle) and screws. I went straight down and all my weight was on that ankle. A year later, my cat and I were crawling on the floor for 4-5 hours while I was waiting to go to bed. Crawling is sort of the wrong word. I would reach for water on the counter and then have to get my head near the floor. So, maybe no one who had ever had a “fainting” spell would not quite get it. I think it is called vasovagal syncope or something like that. It is “NOTHING” like feeling dizzy. However, if I turn too fast now, I do feel dizzy. Same type that people have if they faint at the sight of blood. Blood goes down and their head has to get below the heart, so the body helps it along. Stupid me. I forget I have to watch out for this. No standing or sitting in one spot for too long. Be careful when standing. Worst thing I can do is have caffeine, not have enough water, eat lunch in the heat. Last time I was at school and that happened, I sat down, put my head between my legs, drank water and waited until I could move.    Oh yeah. Just like when I feel hypoglycemic, it is harder to focus and pick up on what is going on. Hell! Who’d a thought I would have so many weird things? 

Actually, the more things change, the more most humans stay the same. In fact, once someone has an idea in their head it is much more difficult to get them to change their mind then it was to put the idea there in the first place. There was a study on this. Reputable source. 

So, maybe you learned something. Got some education regarding something you didn’t understand before. I just put those in your mailbox, because, like most of us, I made them and sometimes they work. And sometimes they aren’t needed. Great professionals! Great program compared to most, but high learning curve for me. Oh. And kiddo who has got to be one of the slowest kids to pack up. Then s/he is like pigpen. Another wants to tell me things and I do not dare talk in a stern voice. 

I felt uncomfortable, but had to deal with it. Needed tech help. So, Firtunately my harasser helped me with tech. All good. For this moment. Never know what a new day will bring. 

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