A Targeted Individual Feeling Haraassed at Work AND Why the Ants Crawl Out in Waves

Hmmm. Cute car. One I was talking about. Guess still working.

READ DOWN below to find out how I am being sexually harassed. Or at least it felt like that today. Definitely read my sexual harassment part and my parting shot.

Oh TARGETS / SURVIVORS – Why do these ants crawl out in waves coming from Petaluma on Redwood Highway? The stoplights!!!! Ooooh! Ahhhhh! Pays to observe. Another reason I am fantastic for this job – I was born mindful and observant. Yep. Waves. They were sitting behind a stoplight. Sonoma Countians, I counted 15 cars in one wave heading north past the end of the business park towards Penngrove.

Boy, I think some people – but I don’t know who exactly get irritated when they act all nice and friendly, then as they turn around or leave I give them the thumbs up or nod or put one finger up. Pointer finger. I don’t think I have ever given someone the finger except for my pinky and that stands for idiot. Hmmm. Might have one time in my twenties. There was a worker in Safeway who I think is not a Stepford person. Wow!

Oh. I forgot the part where I say that I feel like I was selected for this job. Not that it’s my first choice but I: have been to hell and back numerous times (being in a hospital on a med that makes you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin FOR A WEEK DURING THE 1992 REPUBLICAN convention was enough), value the 6th Amendment, do not approve of vigilantism, am fighting not just for me but for other survivors, won’t be bullied (as if you hadn’t noticed). Have HAD it with ignorant people – particularly the ones who went to college or consider themselves intelligent, am appalled by the misuse of government property, an applalled that law enforcement and fire fighters participate or give a nod to this stalking, think adult bullies are scum, have GOD on my side as well as THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMETICA, took longer to recoup and regroup in 1996 because of this crap, survived 2012-2013 – if just barely, am tired of not doing this or this because I live in the same biggest small town as others, should able to travel to Utah just like advertised on TV, know what’s behind the lights of the NIH trucks and in ad nauseum, ? What doesn’t kill you puts you under or makes you stronger …..

My original message. Okay. Back off. My personal space is my personal space. I wanted to take a step backwards, but what does one do in that situation. Some cultures have different norms, but cut it out.

I am not some guneia pig from another century where they didn’t know anything. It is NOT March of 1996. I did not, over the last 6 years: have a miscarriage when I was four months along, have in law issues, move to a foreign country (MN), move 8 times (including one month stints between places), have to fight to get city water run to my house so I could sell it, live through the Halloween storm of 1991 and the first time in history that the governor closed all schools, have a baby after 6 months of morning sickness (strong antibiotics), etc.

I am much more normal than most of you most of the time. Before my last stint with depression I didn’t even feel like I would be comfortable with a support group. When you hear others’ stories, well WOW! I have been honored to meet those survivors. Last time I just needed seratonin. And I told my doctor that.

Go read a few books on mental illness. Go to NAMI. Get your minds out of the gutter, don’t take a few cases of really “off” people who had more going on than I do – and then some AND assume that WE are all alike. AND DON’T TAKE ANY OF WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD I HAVE DONE RECENTLY -seriously. I had this crap going on in 2012-2013. This crap is going on now. A person takes control and survives however they can when: people steal from my house, gaslight by moving things from place to place, drive around like idiotic flies buzzing, put their lights flashing in vehicles when they don’t have to. Ya know what? I care less and less about what you people think because: you know so little (ignorant), I really DO think people have spread this like a virus – verbally or with pictures of me directing traffic with a flashlight to be in control of the traffic, you truly are ignorant about what happened 20 years ago, this is more about keeping yourselves protected, and about an agenda that comes from a truly truly ignorant group of people who know NOTHING about a chemical imbalance. Do you EVEN know what seratonin is?

I should feel comfortable in my workplace. So, back off and keep up the social mores. I feel like I am talking to one of my students. I was truly flabbergasted when a student offered sincere help to another student. That student demonstrated a socially acceptable way of showing S/he knows something.

Talking about me in a negative way is slander. Setting up situations is harassment.  Brother.

Bump a v off my head for stupid, show an i or ig for ignorant and tap my head while forming an i and you people truly are 21st century “STUPID, IGNORANT, IDIOTS!”

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