Enjoying Life as a Targeted Individual. This and That to the Fall Flies. 

Well, one doesn’t ever bring me joy. Great sadness. But I got to reflect on the loss.

I took the one of the flowers because I realized that I haven’t been taking enough pics that are positive or at least not about creepy crawlersThe rainbow? Well, that goes without saying. 

Read an article from a while back about the fire season and how the fire fighters help each other. It’s grueling work. Go out to another part of the state or another state. Those back home work that much harder. But, it is a calling I think. Like one of my nephews. When he was 3 he said he wanted to be a fireman. Went to NY right after 9-11. 

Fall flies. They do seem to come out this time of year.

Oh. Chuck stopped and talked to me. Like on the show, “Chuck”. Sounds kind of like him too. Used a strange turn of phrase. Written later. Oh. Chuck seemed staged. Like he had rehearsed. Or thought it out. Second or third or fourth verse same as the first. —–later. I saw someone driving one time who reminded me of Chuck. Profile though. 

Ah! Last night it dawned on me. The Bible. No. It was months and months later when I learned that. You people are soooo soooo ignorant as far as mental illness goes. In 20 years we have regressed. It was years ago when one of my heroes talked in front of her fellow politicians. She talked about her bipolar disorder. Afterwards, one of her fellow politicians came over and asked, Are you nuts? She said, “Yes, weren’t you listening?”

Still enjoying it flat tire and all. Hmm. Not like I am on country roads. Six. Hmmm. Seems significant. Less than a year. Easy to do. Enjoyed my ice cream bar and Neil Diamond. 

Really? Really people. You had the person from the gas station come out? I recorded where someone had vandalized the air AND water. Or, someone at the station removed them. 

Oh. So SUV NEAR gas station on McDowell pretty lady painting and regular parked heading north at corner of McDowell and Corona in the lot of that business. On business I hope. 

Now, I should be able to read about some sort of accident or incidence in the paper under the fire or police calls/blurbs. A fairly good sized fire engine and an ambulance were heading north on McDowell. After I left TJs. The commotion was west of McDowell. A whole lot of lights with emergency vehicles on Corona in the south side lane. I had no idea there was a police vehicle/car until it pulled out. I would think this was pretty serious. I hope not. Place for an accident that is FOR sure!

Do they know that you dweebs are texting A LOT! I would think you would have a program that gives out your gps. 

As for whoever worked at Safeway, with the green and yellow VW. Are you back in school? No way I could know, but 2 plus 2 does equal 4. Not at Safeway and now I see you in Rohnert Park. Never though too much about it. Until Rohnert Park. 

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