Of Books About Vigilante Harassment

Oh, before the flies start buzzing about. No, I am NOT out to name names. Just to raise the question: could a group of very loosely organized local vigilantes cause such a disruption in someone’s life right in front of “our” very noses? See, you have to make it believable. No mention of some things unless you state exactly what you mean. Electronic harassment: having some type of device that transmits noise when the fan is running in a bathroom. The fan is constantly now running in the bathroom. But, the “noise/rumbling music” stopped when I flipped off the electrical circuit. You have to be able to show how something could possibly be done. Like the lights on a car where one is off but the other is on. Some show off at the airport last Christmas flipped the light on when I made the flippy switch motion. Running electrical wiring in a car is very easy to do. I helped my ex by holding flashlights and such, but he ran all kinds of electrical in the car and house. He knew what he was doing……………Not such a bad person……until he inherited his parents’ money. But……………that book won’t be written.

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