Doing Fine as A Survivor Here in Petaluma, CA – To All the Survivors of Gangstalking Out There. Read and Laugh at a “New” Tactic


First, enjoy the moments you can. Seriously. I don’t really expect you to if you are in survival mode like I was 4 years ago. But, when you can……………….do so. This was taken when there were a whole lot of annoying flies buzzing by, but that did not lessen the beauty of the clouds at that moment in time.

Gangstalking or perhaps in this case Vigilante Shunning, Mob Shunning, Gang Shunning is just another psychological tactic that these abhorrent, anti Constitution drones partake in. That is one reason I believe quite a few people from some of the more controlling religious factions started up with my “case” 20 years ago (along with some retired and not retired people who uphold the law).  Oh, this is like a virus………… has spread, but that has not lessened my hold on knowing that these people break the law, they are going against the most important Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and they are ignorant when it comes to what damage this can do to their organizations as well as the country.

When these Vigilantes get angry they get stupid. Like the lady who hemmed me in at Raley’s. I could have called the police and she could have gotten in a LOT of trouble. Also, now I know that whatever is happening where I live – there is one puppetmeister calling the shots. THAT is a big mistake. Doubt if I will write my story that way. It has to be believable. Like – oh yeah. I can see that being doable. You can jump down to the pics and skip the detail in the next paragraph.

So, a while back the manager of Capri Creek in Petaluma CA basically lied to me. I noted that there must be a lot of empty apartments considering the empty spots in the lot. He said that the place was just about full. Considering that he knew about the upcoming construction, the ethical thing to do was to mention it at that time. I just read up on leases. Legally, you can break a lease. You don’t owe for the whole time, but some of it. My brother in law (one of three) worked for years in commercial real estate and has managed many of his and my sister’s properties as rentals. I don’t know what the instructions from the manager’s company was.

So, there has been a lot of opportunity for people to move in as people moved out. Oh, I don’t doubt that this virus is spreading more than ever before…………….not for one second do I doubt that…………………..there are people who others might look up to and believe. After all, even if that person is being a bully, s/he gets someone else on the bandwagon and that causes dissonance among the people who know the bully’s lackey. So those people join in. Well, if so and so believes it, it must be true. Or if so and so is okay handling this this way, well there must not be another way, so I feel like I can join in and I’m doing the good and …………..??? fill in the blank.

So, bullies and some churches know how to shun. I laughed when I saw what was done at my apartment. For one reason, …………….well I could care less. I don’t value for one second what any of you think. The main reason I laughed is that here was another basically pretty much impossible event. I mean the odds if a statistician were looking at this taking into account all factors – like there was no reason for these spots to all be empty. Well…………’s just stupid.


This is a picture of the parking structure straight across from mine on Friday night. Well, a friend said that it IS Friday night. Yeah, right. In my 55 years (62 total, but I am taking out the youngest years) I have NEVER seen anything like this. Oh, I have have a picture of every car that was parked in that structure from a few months back. For my map. Plans……..things to do.

That wasn’t the end of it. Yesterday as I pulled out to go on errands and then a movie, I saw a car pulling out of the parking structure that runs perpendicular to both my parking structure and the one that was empty on Friday. It pulled out V E R  Y slowly. It may even have done the pull in and pull out thing……………….amazing how many of these shunners are worse at parking than I am. I looked over and I thought, “Really?” The car that pulled out was the last one in that structure. ooooh, aaaah. NOT!


So, come on over to Capri Creek on the East side of Petaluma on Sestri Lane and see what you can see? You never know what you might see.

So, those pics along with the almost all white cars at ………..the park near Safeway (where G and G was)……………….ah Leghorn Park……………….are significant. Statistically significant.


She is so right. Speaking of Billy Jean King…………….if you don’t get it, that’s okay most of you weren’t there……………………………

I have to put the source. I HATE people who do not give credit. It’s stealing.

I swear, in my high voice I shouted, “A Snoopy plate!” It’s been a while. See below. Now I can’t say one way or another. I just happen to see these cars around me.

Oh first – Did I say I have taken pictures of everything in my classroom? I have scanned everything I need also. And I’ve sent the scans via two emails and they will be in quite a few safe places by now………… our the pics and recordings…………..

IMG_6421 (2)

Funny, how the purple ones with names on them disappeared. I’ve taken pics of all of them. I will have someone take the job of checking on them each week.

I do not take pics when there are kiddos in droves. You shouldn’t be there anyway. I actually  try not to take pics of any cars in the lot or parked on the street. There is something about where a person works.         I say try. Personalized plates are always fair game for anyone at any time. Then there are the wild and wacky cars of Sonoma County. I put that on Facebook.  I mean, what ARE the chances that one person would see that many wacky cars in almost one year. Every day just about it’s a wacky car somewhere. Who DOES own the OSH property or manage it? That’s where the weird car bank is ……………………………over behind …………..the pancake place. Oh there was something weird going on there in 1996. Amazing I remember it. Something was off.

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