Why Gangstalkers Can’t be Swayed: “It is easier to just believe it and move on.” In other words – It’s too much work for their brains to think on their own.

“Cognitive simplicity

In general, when our brains process information belief comes quickly and naturally, skepticism is slow and unnatural, and most people have a low tolerance for ambiguity. Research shows that when we process and comprehend a statement our brain automatically accepts it as true, whereas the subsequent skepticism of the statement requires an extra cognitive step, which is a heavier load to lift. It is easier to just believe it and move on.”            http://www.businessinsider.com/why-do-people-believe-fake-news-2017-3

“Many of the inaccuracies seem like they ought to be easy enough to challenge, as data simply don’t support the statements made. Consider the following charts documenting the violent crime rate and property crime rate in the U.S. over the last quarter century (measured by the Bureau of Justice Statistics). The overall trends are unmistakable: Crime in the U.S. has been declining for a quarter of a century.



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