RUDE PEOPLE FROM PETALUMA, CA = Gangstalkers—I think. Can’t acuse

I am 90% sure that the long car with the kiddos on it has never been parked on my friend’s street. My friend thought that there must be something going on. Well, rude people taking up parking that my friend needs. Two white cars parked in front of her house. The law is the law after all, but she needs to park a certain way. That is rude. 

Oh. I have taken pictures of EVERYTHING in my room. Funny- it is kind of like someone knows what I have taken pictures of. Hmmm. Would that be legal. Not with kiddos there. 

Targets. Take pics of everything. When you store something at the far end of the trunk and put stuff in front of it- take a pic. Take a pic of your desk, your office.

Well. The librarian’s job is to keep track of things. I made sure To count and check. Someone stole part of one of the chargers. I didn’t take pics. Now, I have.

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