I Laughed at Petaluma Residents at Capri Creek


You don’t have anything better to do on a Friday night? Maybe you went to a party – just for your ilk. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care how many of you are in the United States even. Right versus might. No there there or put there by someone – No, never would my ex or any law enforcement or Church people would do that, right? Even if to benefit or save themselves. No democracy without the 6th amendment.

It’s not like the manager, Eric, has had anything better to do. Besides look at their welcome mats. Kind of like the X that marked the young male sons – except in reverse.

No level 6 for any of you. You can’t do this and reach level 6. Don’t even think most of you could reach level 4.

Silly, ignorant people of this country. East Berlin tactics, KKK hiding behind cars………………………….Oh well. C’est la vie. Your lives.



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