Entering a Whole New Phase as a Survivor. Stage III, But I Am Not Sure What That Means, Targeted Individuals


Bet some of you would, but you are afraid to. Don’t even trust sending a letter inside a letter.

So, I have a real sense of peace. I really know who I am: a caring, but wary, in the moment person. Have faith in God, but not so much in most organized religions. I will still post, but I sure don’t have to gather much more than what is interesting, or worth documenting.  You idiots waste the world’s gas and contribute to our carbon footprint.

This and that. Guy with the light green van reacted when I said I have bipolar disorder. Big whoop dee doo. Not. All my family knows and that is a good thing. It is on my dad’s side of the family, so it is a good thing for the youngins to know.

Why, I mean really why would there not be a THING when I was subbing and in Mark West? THAT makes no sense at all.

Imagine. There are three firemen out there who know of my struggles, but also of my successes. One helped me get to my daughter’s graduation. They can carry that with them. It may not change how they have to respond, but they will get the other side.

They have all been brought up in a loving and caring family. A week at Tahoe almost every year. Great parents, aunts, uncles- but mostly cousins. COUSINS are huge! That’s sort of been the glue. Well, some of the glue.

Our theme song is, ” Side by Side”.

Ah yes. Someone might know one or two numbers of my pin. I just know. I do. Like last night, the checker at Rayleys recognized me. It wasn’t as obvious as the lady in Coachella, but I could tell.

I could NOT for the life of me, figure out why there have been these totally weird 20 something ladies. Stepford ladies of course. Then, I remembered the story I told of the prostitute in Paris. In the subway. Oh you people are so stupid and some must be really naive. The point was that someone certainly can tell when someone is sending signals. It was a funny story. Taught me that it really IS impossible to find a restroom in Paris and don’t go into the metro by yourself.

You people DO HAVE THE MINDSET OF SOME POLICE OFFICERS AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT GROUPS. We know X and y, so there must be a Z AND we are going to prove it even if we are completely wrong. But, we can’t be wrong. You go with that. I would not want ANY OF YOU on any jury. Disqualify yourselves.

So, any of you say something to another that is slander.

The protocol is to give the files over across the way. Someone knows this.

The pharmacist and the lady/girl behind the counter at Target in, knew that there was something fishy with my prescription. Two were called in the same day by the same doctor, but I think one was “caught” in limbo land. It was the type of decisions that we make when we know someone had to do something intentionally but we are stuck figuring out how to bow out gracefully. Oh – there is senfe


Have any of you bothered to look up bipolar II? I thought not. Depression is the high point and there are not high points usually.

Anyway. The sky is gorgeous and the whether is perfect.

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