Tips For Targets, Gangstalking Trick, AND A Question and so on

I am going to ask a question first: Is this officer in this SUV in Rohnert Park, CA going to be able to swear that he was not aware of how busy the traffic was when he was at this intersection? Is S/he going to explain why S/he came right back the same way considering no one would have said anything to the department for hours or a lot longer?  How many suvs does the department own? I know Petaluma owns more than one. 

Stupid mob stalkers! This was done on my bathroom mirror in 2013, but someone would have had to be inside my car to do this. Even scratching with a fingernail doesn’t do much. 

Well, I will have to post the pic of the gunk on my rear view mirror later. 

So, Survivors: the gunk on mirrors is one trick, when you get past survival mode, take pictures of stuff you don’t want moved and leave a note referring to photos; scan everything and write, scanned -take a picture of your trunk and your desk; take pictures of the number of copies that you write on the first page of the copy; check the pictures. 

Those are pictures documenting. The idiot destroyers of our legal system – and their despicable rummormongering and false evidence gathering (?) puppetmeisters- hate it when they can’t make you – well, whatever you are supposed to feel when something is moved. 

Picture of a box of Kleenex from my desk is supposed to go here. 

6th Amendment. 

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