I Was Right and  Then Some! Taking Pictures in the USA Targeted Individuals

The real article is down below. Oh. For those of you who have been told that I hate Latinos or some such bull. I would put up information about Eugene in my classes. I sure have seen very few role models here. I have been surprised and disappointed. Eugene shared that an aunt of his had been a high up politician in New Mexico. That side of Eugene’s family were in New Mexico when it became a state. So, if the mom I reported to CPS has pics of me trying to get an unruly child in line, oh well. I started teaching in 1977 at Hawthorne Elementary School in Riverside. I already talked about that. But, I must add that the staff back at Hawthorne was the most diverse staff I have worked with. Keep looking for more role models. 

So, a police officer confirmed what I knew all along. A person can take pictures in a parking lot. I think a business can post that you can’t but the officer doubted if they would. 

Reporters have taken cases to court, and won. I am for somehow banning paparazzi, but guess we can’t.

Hey, fellow survivors, this just show me how P.O.ed these Vigilante stalkers are – that shouldn’t have started with a capital V. Now was the officer doing male posturing, sending me a message or seeing if I could walk a straight line?

Oh. Survivors in the US. You do not have to admit anything. You do not have to hand over anything unless they have a search warrant. That’s why I was okey dokey with two cars out here. Guess next time I will call and complain that someone is preventing me from getting out. THAT was stupid! That is pretty serious. 

So, I guess we ended up at a stalemate. Did he say 23 or 26. Well, I have known Paula and Eugene Montanez for 40 years. Eugene started a printing company out of his parents’ garage. He is mayor of Corona, CA. 

Big Whoop Dee doo dah day!!!’ 

Oh, interesting how the “kid” in Raleys in Petaluma completely blocked the major aisle so that I could not get through that way. In 55 years I have never seen that – except maybe when there are a bunch of employees sticking the shelves. But even then, not with a big “motorized moving thingy”. 

So, I do have to say that the “Good ol’ boy and girl” town of Petaluma surprised me. Good. Must have been a good chief back then. I must say that I felt some sense of not for diversity, but …… that was a while ago. I was thrilled to see African American people and families move here. And Jamaicain. My good friend moved back up to Seattle where there was more of a metropolitan sense of diversity. 

I will have to share sometime what my daughter’s school thought was diversity. A diversity day.  Great school, but……not diverse and didn’t get it. 

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