This and That HIPAA, Kaiser, Gyms, and I Pick Up on Reactions, CPS and a Mom in Revenge Mode

So – someone reacted when I mentioned CPS. Yes, my antennae are on high alert. One event – a year you ants were out and about – a student tricked me into revealing that I was the one who made a report. YOU CRETINS were doing this to take me down, but were probably gathering as much crud as you could. That parent stood outside a room where I needed to take my kiddos. Roughest group I ever had with a totally non supportive principal and an assistant who would not walk around the room at all. So much for a positive behavior system. I had one student who would run off and around the classrooms. The parent was filming me – why? You people were doing this crud. I was going through BTSA 2, getting a divorce………

Oh too bad. Such a nice guy. Why did he throw in that he has been going to gyms since he was 14. TMI. Fountain of info. I want to go to Curves, but they keep having these classes which completely ruin trying to go after work. Why?

  • Why the reaction to my mom being born in a house in Oakland. Common in 1922. An ex boyfriend came to the door to see her. :-). Guess you don’t know that during WWll, African American farmers were lured off the farms and into factory jobs that soldiers had held. 
  • When the war ended, the soldiers took back their jobs and the African American male was SOL. Women could get jobs as domestics. My dad made me aware of this. 

Okay Kaiser of Petaluma and Rohnert Park: that’s strike three. First. Was the young lady in Petaluma who said the name of my Prescrptions really loudly. Then there was someone who tied a cord that I had left at the front into knots. The latest – an important prescription was called in by a doctor on Monday. My site said that they needed authorization. Well I found out that they had been given authorization. Something was up. The pharmacist had to figure out the status of my prescription and filled in Then and there. I could tell that whatever was up was not normal. 

All for now. 

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