Idiot Gang Stalkers Love Proving Me Right

So, here are all the Mob Stalking ants. In fact, when I start driving and recoding their plates and detailed car descriptions or taking pictures of their cars, they scurry like an organized line of ants do when you get too close. Very much like ants when they sense your presense. Boy, were there a ton of these jackasses a bit ago. Then, predictably it got dead – then picked up again.  I am in Rohnert Park – the city where all roads lead, so Vigilante Stalkers can head over from the 101, 116, Petaluma Hill Road, Stoney Point yada, yada, yada. I saw a car from yesterday. He made a point of stopping at the intersection for an extra long time. Really? Back again. What does that tell me? Oh, a black and white passed me by. Really? Oh geez. Another confirmation that they are completely aware. At least some. 

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