Go Away Kid, Ya Bother Me

So yesterday, I figured that a nice quiet place to finish my lunch was the Spreckles Center in Rohnert Park, CA. This kid comes up right next to my car and drops his gym bag or whatever down. Really? I have had a full day with kids. Really? A kid would NOT do that normally. They don’t. So. I guess he was stalking me. As I sat there trying to relax, the saying,”Go away kid, ya bother me”, comes into my head. I actually glared at him, though it may have been an “Really?” Look. Of course people see what they expect to see. I was going to post this last night. As expected, because I posted about the disgusting move 20 years ago by my son’s swim coach – these idiots start again on set ups. Didn’t seem to notice the part about someone’s wife getting her hair done AND me seeing someone scurry across the back room. How could someone so out of it recall so much detail? Some of these cars have driven past twice. Hmmm I really couldn’t say much about that before. You don’t want me to record stuff, quit stalking me. Go away ants. Ya bother me. 

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