Squeal of Brakes – Unbelievable

So, I was pulled into another office due to an emergency. Don’t have the male voice, but do have the authority. And I give kudos. 

Very shortly after my clients left, I heard the squeal of brakes. Thank God it wasn’t followed by a thud. You idiots know nothing about this age. They are so, so preoccupied with their peers, we have to watch out for them when driving like they are young elementary. 

For anyone to drive past a school as fast as you do when kids aren’t even there is horrid, but to drive in high numbers when kids are around is just unconscionable! Someone is going to get hurt or killed. 

I hope the officer I just saw comes back at 2:47 tomorrow and watches what happens on the South road. I keep seeing this, and I will ask the boss to ask to have an officer presence for a few days. Stupid, stupid, stupid. To the guy who pulled up behind me. I stopped my car to text. Oh, brother!!!

By the way- as ironic as it is….. I can’t believe the number of times in a day that I see someone texting right after passing me by. 

But the message is: for God sakes, don’t go fast past a school!!!! PARTICULARLY WHEN THERE ARE KIDS THERE. When there are, I completely ignore you – SO STOP!!!!!!

7:07. Dropped off a few things. Now these fools are racing even more. Then, kids crossed the intersection on bikes I think. It’s getting dark.

I wish I could clock their speed. Oh.. I was right. It got heavy for a bit. 

I sure hope someone confesses to a priest about the speeding and trying to push someone to hurt themselves. Wonder what the other religious and political leaders would say about the stupid speeding in Rohnert Park that is going to get a kid killed. 

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