Rant and Tirade to the Scum Gangstalkers Out There – Yes YOU…but hear why……

I keep thinking of things. You’re told that I am out of it. I’m not. I’m sharp and intelligent. If you haven’t figured that out by now. Oh, but you don’t figure things out. You go by what you are told and you are told that so and so knows this. So you believe it. Why would people in authority lie? Oh no. Not them.

(oh, and I will sleep just fine…………….I cut this off and don’t take it to work – despite the supposedly intelligent people who believe this crap about me). Don’t treat me like a friend and then be one of them. That is the lowest form of scumbag there is. It’s creepy. Just don’t……………………I take pictures of everything in my classroom. Everything.

And – someone is going to make a big deal out of what I said about my son’s coach. I have said, that I notice when things are “off”. If you are like me and 20% of the population you know what I mean. Highly sensitive doesn’t mean you necessarily cry easier or anything like that. you are more sensitive to your surroundings. THAT is why I notice difference. THAt is why when I was in a kayak at Tahoe one year, trying to relax – along comes a gang of kids – young high school maybe. One was not a strong swimmer. I could just tell. I had to keep my eye on the group until they moved closer to shore. Yes, conscientious but some of you are trying to use that. Oh well……………..c’est la vie. No more overly conscientious.

Oh yes – my cousin who passed – they would take kayaks to Tahoe. I’d love to kayak. Oh no! Not with my ankle and you need two to carry a kayak. A friend of mine wants to take ukulele lessons. Oh no! I only played he violin for 12 years. Why would I want to play an instrument that is small to carry. Good for my friends muscle strength too. My ex and I ran into a friend of the man who delivered our son – on the Jungfrau in Switzerland. So GET OVER IT. I might even go back to Utah one year. Ironic – all the Utah commercials this summer. Come to Utah – but if you happen to know any Mormons who are going that way be careful………………………….they might think you are following in their footsteps. Has anyone made plans yet to drive the White Rim Trail or the boulder strewn trail down into Anza? No? I didn’t think so. We live in Sonoma County We live in Petaluma. GET over it.

So here’s this: http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/

But………………………………….I am not that person any more. NOt with you cretins in my life. But anyway, I was at a conference and a lady was talking about empaths – basically the same thing. Pick up too much info. People call us too sensitive – especially people who are totally the opposite. One woman behind me in line waiting to buy the book had tears in her eyes. She had always wondered what was “wrong” with her. It some cultures we are revered. In our macho winner takes all culture……………..we are the teachers, counselors……………..etc. but ………………………………….My son is highly sensitive……………a wonderful person who fortunately made friends with kids who knew he was sensitive. I had to push him just a few times……………….Once when he would not go to school but wanted to have a friend over…………………and once when he had made a huge fuss the day before about swim lessons. Come hell or high water, he was going to take swim lessons. So, he did. He couldn’t earn his swim badge in Scouts…………….but, there was an alternative. The key to highly sensitive people is – given understanding and time……………well, his good friend who was Jewish went to the Catholic School because of the number of kids – BUT then he went to SFSU. My son went to Cal Poly and started body surfing. We beat to our own drummers. So, I notice when things are “off”.

Quit having kids go past me – by themselves………………….just weird. I’d like to walk the track, but Oh no!………get over that too. Armchair psychs.

What kind of strategy would this be if used in police work? Let’s see what this person will do? Yeah, right.

Why I got angry – I got to teach on the other side of the building today. All went fine, until all the kids had left and were heading out. I heard a squeal of brakes and ran to the door. I had been expecting a thud, but thank God it didn’t come.

I guess it is like a delayed reaction hitting. I have NEVER, EVER BEEN as mad as I am tonight. Doing this crap by a school is idiotic PERIOD….. But, when the kids are going to or coming out of school is criminal. YES CRIMINAL. And those of you who wouldn’t normally drive so fast are caught up in the chase, playing your role, lose it and we could have lost a kid! STAY AWAY from where I work. Yes. I came back to school later and this shit it still going on, but the kids are gone right? No, some come down riding bikes or something. Shortly after that some guy in a white sports car revs his motor and hot dogs it  F***ing IDIOTS! I said frikin under my breath in the store, but f****ing in my car. F***ing stupid, ignorant idiots. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU AND i DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE. I have rarely EVER used that word, but you are f***ing idiots. It’s getting dark earlier but kids will be out. Please quit using the roads as raceways  to be a Mom Stalker.

So, was that a real stop in the black and white? 85, wasn’t it? something like that. I hope it was real, because if it wasn’t ……………………….a squeal of tires. What will it take to knock some sense into your heads?

My God! You people keep checking me out on the same crap they did 20 years ago. ONly difference was I was scared to death. I had no idea what had happened to me for 6 weeks. (except that 95% of me was just fine) It is really shitty having bipolar disorder. But it’s really, really crappy when the first day you go to see a counselor THIS CRAP starts happening. The same crap that is happening now. I wrote a letter to the couple back then and I did recently too because I think they were being led to believe that I was some type of threat. Why else dog me with certain cars, and dog me. I can only guess who drives that car. I told the couple that when I realized that I could possibly be a threat to their daughter (20 years ago) I got hysterical. Yes. Listen to my words: I GOT HYSTERICAL. I was standing at the kitchen sink. I remember the moment. The daughter was on the track going the other way with an older military/cop type walk. OMG.

So, some kid or kids could have been killed today. 40 miles some people. Oh and you never know what a kid is going to do. These are KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU cannot control THIS! 20 years ago it was a small group. They thought I would follow bikers up dead end streets, or yellow bug cars, or be interested in my son’s swim coach who sat in the sun in a strange way for a kid who is a swim instructor. Or go after the wife who was getting her hair cut. I saw the cop or whoever in the back when he went from one side over to behind another curtain. There was probably a woman cop who knew how to cut hair. Or – was that the student teacher in the snack bar. I wasn’t sure of that one. Some idiot person played armchair psychologist back then. Today it is being set up by whoever wants to take me down and people playing armchair psychologist.You’re using the same play book from 20 years ago when they saw me at the track with my ex. THEN everything was just okey dokey. Well, I don’t intend to ever get involved with anyone ever again. Emotional abuse kind of does that.       Interesting that the victims of this type of abuse are single women. Hmmm. On the track the guys realized I was okay because my husband was with me. Wow! Guess some of you are trying to get us to go back to the 50s (when women couldn’t own credit cards and in Ohio they didn’t own much, so my parents put the house in my mom’s name). What do you bet, it is some supposedly macho idiot who can’t let this go and will do anything to prove that he is right. Anything.

By the way. that kid in Dollar Tree the other night. HE was stalking me. He went out of his way to be near where I was. Like a kid his age would be caught dead in a store like that with no friends or parents looking for nothing. He was stalking me the same way that stupid 20 something kid was in Safeway in Sebastopol. I kept looking at him wondering what he was doing. Going from aisle to aisle picking up something and put it down. Idiot.

This has gotten huge. Uncontrollable

I went to the counselor within 3 months. I was on meds within 6 months. It takes most people 8-10 years to get diagnosed. In some ways I was lucky to start with mild mania. Many start with depression and it’s not figured out. Oh, but you are armchair psychiatrists. You are playing with fire and someone is going to get burned.

You can push ANYONE over the edge. The problem is that most people don’t believe that. Oh, how about the guy who was up in a plane and complained of a headache. It got so bad he acted completely crazy and tried to take down the plane. He had meningitis. The pain was so intense he went temporarily insane. I have bipolar disorder. It is caused by a chemical imbalance. I have bipolar II now. The difference is that mine is displayed now with depression. If I am acting strange it is because of the shit that is going on. .

Why in the hell 20 years ago did someone think I have a problem with kids? I came on to a man 12 years older than me. I acted more drunk than anything. Why in the hell would you think I have a problem with anyone at this moment? or anytime. I get depressed. Seriously depressed. twice. the rest of the time I am fine thank you very much.

So, do J. and A. from that place on the right –  say that I was acting irrationally and shouldn’t be with kids? I bet they do. Did they know that this crap was happening then? Someone did because I was up front and asked that the security tapes be checked. Nothing. Yeah, right. Oh – I didn’t say anything to J. when she said a heavy hitter advocate said that the boy said that I called him a baby. Why say anything to a boss like that. Who assumes I would do that? Idiotic. The students would say that and I would use everything I could to get them to quit it. That is where a wonderful teacher and I taught zones of regulation and some other topics to help kids.

Oh, that is a form of bullying (calling people names- I wouldn’t). Quit driving by where I work. Some hot dogger kid or older guy in a big truck – “playing this stupid Stepford game” is going to hurt some kid.

There are probably pictures out there of me doing strange things. Tell you what. You go through this crap – months of stress from inside my house and at work and do as well as I did. (2013 not now – I am in control). Go visit someone you know in a mental hospital that you have seen functioning just fine. Then go visit them after they have gotten their meds adjusted and are back to “normal”  But no, you are as gullible as the jurists on bull. You are human beings. I just wouldn’t have believed how many stupid human beings there are. And officials – is this how you “catch your man”? Set them up. Don’t try to figure out if you are wrong but prove that your theory is right. Don’t look into their background? Amateur profilers. Amateur idiots and this is going to get someone killed.


  • like to go off roading and travel across the country. I’d been to Utah in my 20s and with my kids
  • wanted to run the track when my daughter was in nursery school and we “ran” the track. My counselor suggested that I do something grounding and these idiots use that to try and set me up. 20 years ago.
  • went to Curves just like i used to go to Jazzercise in So Cal and used a Nordic Track in MN. Oooh, aaaah. I am not going to live my life worried about what you people think. I swore I wasn’t going to affect my kids’ lives. Well it did. My son was almost in tears in 2013 because his mother was acting paranoid. Seen the movie with Julia Roberts. Sometimes someone is paranoid because there is something to be paranoid about.
  • I saw someone at the first Relay for Life I went to …………………………..I live here. I had cancer. I have been affected a WHOLE LOT by cancer. CA-125 every year for years because my sister had ovarian cancer. Worried about my kids because their dad tested positive for a genetic link with prostate cancer which – with one gene can be linked to breast cancer. My cousin died after 10 years of battling breast and then endometrial cancer which then spread. The idiot doctors jumping on the band wagon cutting up cancerous tissue in a procedure that gets women back on their feet. My almost 80 doctor and I knew that this was nuts. Take cancerous tissue and cut it up. So YES! I will go to Relay for Life in MY town. great aunt died, aunt, sister survivor and the list goes on. Like I said – I have to get up the courage to tell my daughter that my ex has a genetic Link to prostate cancer. Waiting to hear if it is BRCA I or BRCA II…………………………..
  • People who you see on You Tube trying to explain this and they look crazy. I’m sure I do when I am out in public and am talking to myself to try and get someone to listen.
  • Kurt – I trusted your wife and our blond friend and told them what happened and you believe whatever crap is out there?
  • I waved a flashlight a while back to “control” the traffic. I’m here aren’t I? One of us has to be sane and it’s me.
  • Guess NONE of you have ever been in one of those spots where if someone took a picture and someone told something about you a rumor would start. After watching Bull and looking up job mobbing, I truly believe that some of you go just by what you hear. What J. and A. say. I can’t believe that the lady from up north would listen or believe this. Whatever THIS is.
  • YOU keep dogging me. Whatever, but STAY AWAY FROM THE KIDS! Those screeching tires…………………………….I keep hearing them.

This whole thing is sick and twisted and you are the sick and twisted ones. AND you and some of your ilk are putting people in danger. Me? Quit texting when you pass me.


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