A Flurry and Student Safety – one tip for SURVIVORS!

Hey Survivors of gang stalking, workplace mobbing, Vigilante Stalking, mob stalking, cause stalking, or whatever you call it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! It seems like it as that is one of the goals, but you are NOT!!!!! Tip: I was packing my car after work and there was a flurry of Gang stalkers, a bevy of cause stalkers, a troop of mob stalkers, a hord of Vigilante stalkers, and a few workplace mobbers (but they might be stymied by ALL the items, piles, stacks that I took pictures of). But, now there is only a mere trickle. They have to gather more ants from the 101, wait for some of the commuters to crawl home. So, watch how many there are at certain times of the day. I bet you that right when you leave their robot/puppet movements are at their peak.

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