Gang Stalkers Who Bring Friends and Family to the Party – without telling them. How low will they go?

Frank Slupesky – That is the name of my brother-in-law’s deceased step father. He was in his 90’s and I could be wrong – but, I’m not- he was talked into joining your ilk in 2013. I was going to his and his wife’s house for the family 4th of July celebration. I cruised by their house in Sebastopol CA a while before I was due to arrive. I like to check out my surroundings. The VERY elderly Frank and his wife were driving out of their cul de sac. I have known H.C. For almost 50 years. So, Frank took her along. You people are sick puppies! 

Then, there was the man at the Target in Novato a few months back. He was staring straight ahead like a good Stepford puppet does. I guess it is supposed to be a shunning move and maybe it is supposed to be harder to recognize the person. (Tell that to the people I have recognized). He was sitting like that when his wife came up and asked him what was wrong. The slime ball said something about me. Taking people out to be part of mob stalking while you commit a crime. 

Doesn’t end there. No, my 1st cousin once removed. More like a nephew of course. We are all cousins. A great loving group of 8 cousins minus his dear sweet mom. I happened to run into him at the Safeway in Sebastopol. His Sprint fellow employee did not look happy when we both jumped out of our cars and hugged. Oh no! Yep, our family hugs. I was with his mom the day before she passed. 

His scumbag of a partner was doing Vigilante stalking on the side. 

Of course there are the parents who, for all they know (if they had an ounce of common sense), are egging on someone that someone has decided is/has a problem. Gee. Kiddos along for the ride. Wouldn’t they be so proud? When are you going to tell them that – according to the idiotic amateur “profilers”, you put them in harm’s way. Well, maybe it’s not in my profile, BUT YOU: steal a computer and treasured earrings, break into my apartment, play mind games, break into my car, participate in insidious  workplace mobbing, try to box in between 3 semis and a car – the car was boxed in, ..try to set me up as though I am stalking someone – anyone – it does not matter who. ….. idiotic parents – what part of trying to push someone over the brink don’t you understand? Psychological torture is a vile, loathsome, abominable pursuit. Without the 6th Amendment we are not a Democracy. We have pushed back enough as it is in the name of the Homeland. It’s not just me. Homeland made me uncomfortable from day 1. Oh it is Hitleresque. 

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