To My Neighbors at Capri Creek in Petaluma, California, U.S.A.

I just didn’t want to be vague. That’s not my style. In the contract that you signed when you last renewed your lease, you made an agreement between you and the owner of Capri Creek. I believe I have that email from Eric that tells me who the owner is.

Under number 36, letter b: Resident agrees not to harass, annoy, or endanger any other resident or person, or create or maintain a nuisance, or disturb the peace or solitude of any other resident, or commit waste in or about the Premises. Resident is responsible for the conduct of his/her/their guest or invitees while they are on the property.

Oh………… the fancy black SUV that stopped here and may have stayed with someone……………….this was about three months ago………………you were responsible for the conduct of the driver if you knew that the driver’s intent was to harass me.

So, whoever has taken a handle or whatever and pounded it up in the upper corner of the downstairs patio. So it sounds loud at the floor of my bedroom……………… of you did it or you know who did it, because you were there when it happened. So, please stop or take responsibility for yourself or your guest or invitee. I assume the lady downstairs had to agree to the person to access her property. I would guess so.

Interesting that SHE accused me of pounding on the floor of my apartment in the middle of the night……………when I am knocked out so that I can sleep. It was winter – then she said she knew I was up because my light was on. Remember this? You would have had to go outside and risk waking up even more. I asked if she or her roommate were Mormon – something clicked. I could see it in her eyes. This was the second time. She stormed off and gave me the double middle finger. Well, I guess it’s okay to do that if you are doing God’s work – and you keep telling yourself that.

I live in 228.  For any other resident – this applies to you too.

Here it is. If you don’t know what to look for, you’d think this guy is crazy. It’s not so much what happens in this video is that this happens to this guy every time he goes out. People put their arms in front of their faces. I saw one woman do something to her hair. No matter how hot it is, some won’t get our of their cars while you are there. The cars seen here are hopping away. If they weren’t, they would be driving by from different angles. Guess 2001 gave us all permission to behave badly. Have their parking lights on, so you can see their lights from behind. Ooooh, aaaaah. Cell phones – easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Let’s talk Neighborhood Watch. My ex and I helped start two in Corona, CA. The first one was after a man raped a woman around the corner. He had been at my door. I didn’t open it, but he seemed weird – smoking and nervous. He had a gun that he had stolen from a home burglary. Next time you go to open the door to a stranger. Nope. You owe that stranger nothing………except maybe the local sports’ teams and the Girl and Boy Scouts. Anyway, I called my neighbor next door. It was his day off and he had talked to the guy using a story of his lost dog. Picture and all.

Anyway – the officer who talked to the neighborhood made it very clear that we were not to take on the role of a police officer. I guess they can’t say that anymore, right?




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