Revelations for Survivors of Mob Stalking, Vigilante Stalking, Gangstalking, Gang Stalking and the Country (and lawyers- Constititional Law)

Read down further to find out what caused the uproar on Washington Blvd tonight.

9:54 on September 15, 2017 – I keep signing that when they get mad they get stupid. A fire truck went by on Washington Past KFC going East about 5 minutes ago. Now, in the daytime, they might be out shopping or checking things out. Not at this time at night.   Now- below is what incensed these idiots to make a spectacle and idiotic, mostly testosterone driven show of strength. Nope! 

10:02 – in the town of American Graffiti – here we have cruisin’ the other Blvd. by mostly grown men. This whole charade is by people who missed out on invisible ink and playing detective.

10:32. So, I was at Oil Stop and a Police Car goes by. Turns Left onto Washington Blvd. in Petaluma, CA. I turn left to head home -after having some chicken. In front of KFC is parked a police car. Bunch of flashing lights up ahead. On my left heading west on Washington goes a fire truck. Pass the two police cars pulled over in the north side of Washington. Hope no one hurt. Get back home. Then wonder if it is a “real” stop. I assume everything is reported. So 9-15-2017 on Washington Blvd. pulled over on the northbound side. Lights flashing. Past the freeway exit. Might have been by the White House. 

Wow! Two fire trucks or the same? Either way. Possible harrassment by police and fire fighters in River City. 

————— Original Post

So, I was walking towards Michaels. I put all the pieces together and went: “Wow”. Probably out loud. Oh no!  If I did a survey of Targets / Survivors, I bet it comes with the territory. Bear with me. Bear?

Let me get this straight. We have citizens harassing and Gas lighting other citizens (East Germany). Some police officers, deputy sheriffs, highway patrol officers, etc are participants. Some others are going by the blue code. 

Then some other state and federal employees. (East Germany). A target / SURVIVOR is not read his or her rights or told what crime s/he is charged with (many countries- dictatorships – supposed communist countries), declared guilty, and punished. 

Without following the Sixth Amendment we ARE NOT a Democracy or anything close to a democracy. 

We have completely blurred the line between separation of church and state – some who have state or federal jobs or who are with the military go with their personal or religious beliefs – putting that before the paper they signed or oral oath they took to uphold The Constitution – and in some cases serve the public. 

A person is not guaranteed a fair trial by a judge or a jury of his or her peers. So, again, we can not be a democracy. 

We have moved a step towards East Germany – no trial, no charges or trumped up charges – or charges based on TOTAL ignorance, post Stasi tactics (kept the wall up for 20 years). We are moving a tad closer to North Korea. 

These self righteous, ignorant people, lawbreaking fools, are threatening the MOST important amendment to the Constitution. Some in the name of Jesus Christ who would not approve. Read the New Testament. Of The Bible – yes THAT religious book. Hmmm. I guess a tad towards Al Gauda. Cannot remember the spelling. Oh, and you cannot move morally towards the level that Jesus or Ghandi or Saint Teresa got to. My dad was working on five: rest of life, service to others. 


A bit ago. 9:45 Or So at McDowell and Washington. There abouts. 

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