Workplace Mobbing is Recognized and There Are Scholarly Articles Out There – matter of time

Workplace Mobbing does occur. Victims can be picked for a reason or on a whim – like how pretty a lady is for example. It can lead to Traumatic Stress Disorder AND suicide. There are scholarly articles written by people very respected in their fields. 

Cyberstalking is definitely recognized. Stalking by a stranger has been recognized for decades. It is not too far a jump to put those together, add the show that is coming out or is out and get few respected people to agree this is real. Targets / targeted Individuals / Survivors of any mob stalking. If you go on You Tube or write a book, keep the numbers and parties involved believable. Vigilante Stalking – normal people can relate to this. 

I will post links to the articles later. In the meantime stalkers: if you can’t do the time (or afford exposure), don’t do the crime. 

Ooooh weeee! They are out full force. Of course it is commuting time, and people are getting off the 101 at Sierra in Cotati, turning left on Cotati Ave. and then continuing their journey. The 101 is a hop skip and jump away. Lake Sonoma? 

Hey, a “kid” who goes to Sonoma State is old enough to know what is or is not breaking the law. They should also know about The Constitution as well. Of course with all these fire fighters and off duty police riding around in their personal vehicles – sure are a Lot of trucks. 

I will have to look up sayings about trucks and the people who drive them. But I drove a small truck for years. Then an anemic small SUV. Then, a few Landcruisers. So, about 20 years or so. Ooooh. Aaaahhh. No. Have any of you tried that road going down into Anza Borrego?  

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