Targeted Individuals / Survivors : Are you Near a College Town?

I tend to not mind getting lost. It reminds me of being on a car rally. One other reason they “picked” the wrong person to pick on. A sheriff with hate in his eyes because he was w-w-w rong in 1997. Anyway, I found another hidey hole. I had NO idea that on campus apartments/dorms had gotten so numerous. 100s of cars. And just think, this generation has grown up with the whole mob stalking mindset. I said yesterday that it is good for these law breaking, love to hate dweebs, to get angry. 

Like now over Near Target in Rohnert Park. People don’t know there is a street here. Go past Target with it on your right, make a Right right after the first business. 

The mistake: there should not be this many cars driving on this street at 7:00 p.m.  This is just a sampling

I am parked, motor off on the road perpendicular to this road. 3 To 4 times more than I show. Thursday night. . 

Well. I have seen the Highway Patrol off the highway, but driving through the tiny strip mall that is across from the station that must have to replace its tanks. 

Oh. I am in a parking lot. Didn’t win the bet. Yet. 

I saw the sheriff, and I bet it was a deputy. Hmmm. I don’t know why one would have gotten called. There S/he was facing me going west on Adobe at Petaluma Hill Roas. Was it a co ink eee dink? I don’t know. No one has won the bet. 

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