Taking pictures of someone taking pictures of me

 Stupid, stupid, stupid. Just like I said. Northbound on Adobe might be busy at that time. Southbound on a Wednesday night? No way. 

These idiots are mad!!! At me. They  make stupid mistakes and don’t think when they get mad. 
First, a mom and daughter drove by. Aha! The female look is like a ballerina.  Stoned faced. No, like a robot Stepford. You all look like Stepford idiots.  Have any of you read your Bible yet. 
Why would that blond be taking pictures of me? Boy, these stalkers have a phobia regarding pictures. How bad is it? They want me to stop. Oh well. I enjoy taking pictures of people breaking the law. 

Then she hopped away like a scared bunny. 

To my coworker: you set up the climate for these to be used, fine. I’ve mulled. Nope. It is much more productive to talk. 

This is what I think of your “scare” tactics (stalking). 

Co worker: yeah, right. I can use it as a visual tool. Other one? Weird move. Watch it. Kids pick up on everything. 

Stupid gang stalkers! You really ARE ignorant of a ton of laws. I can’t say these people are even involved. I don’t know. 

Why would a truck that carries a bunch of gas be at Target?  Truckers stop close to the freeway or they are making a delivery. 

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