Gangstalkers With a Neil Diamond Twist

Someone must get notifications when I post. Ooooh, aaaaah!!! Targets. It is here you say, “Not!  Seriously. They ARE wrong. They ARE breaking the law. Only have to go out of their way twice because of you, where they are told you are, to commit stalking. All public employees and veterans have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. They know what The Second Amendment is, but don’t realize that the sixth is what makes us a democracy. A great democracy- well before money ruled, but we were striving. Not with this!

This started in 1996, then came 1997. We recorded an album called, “Our Mistake”. Now, here it is in 2017, and we’re making another mistake.    Tonight!        Was 2012-2013.   Yeah. 

But why not 2014-2015 or 2015-2016? 

I did not know there are so many ignorant Americans. 

I’ve recorded an album ……. for months!

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