Dweebs, Twits

How stereotypical, sexist.  Ageist. A woman can’t enjoy driving on a country road or play Neil Diamond nice and loud? I know some of you have gone back in time, and some never went forward. But, Hillary didn’t have to stay home and watch her grandchild. Yeah. Right. No. Id ee ots. And to my coworkers. You might not have been born- or at least really young when there was the horror at the nursery school. I have to look that one up. Anyway. Yes, I protect myself. Been around a long time. 1977 started. To be exact. Parents were paying for four years, so I did it in 4. 

A LOT of you are reading my blog. Talk about twits. You can look and I wouldn’t even know. I know by your reactions. Who is leading who?

Britain was interested yesterday. 

And. You know NOTHING about psychology. You play like this is a lark. Well tonight sure was. Someone, somewhere who has NO diagnosis of any kind – wouldn’t hurt a fly HAS SNAPPED. IDIOTS!

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