People in Blue and Other Colors

While I don’t really think it was misconduct – or was it? I don’t think telling me that I can’t take pictures of people’s cars in parking lots was appropriate. Ooooh. I was SO scared. No. My father was very ill, my apartment was a mess. But……………following up on someone saying that I tried to hit their car – in  a parking lot at night. I have convinced them to talk to someone about road rage – driving down Sonoma Mountain Parkway before this started. Oh geez. Anyone can do this harassment (gang stalking). Anyone. Now, That is scary.

The blue wall is what keeps Police who do not agree with these against the Constitution crimes from reporting them. Is is that or that this might be used against them?

Okay…………….no more waiting for someone that late after school. I am glad to do some things after school. That lady is too professional to let us hang like that. Really?

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