Oh, Targeted Individuals, These Dweebs………

The next door neighbors are at it again. Coming out right when I do. Must have been told that I am totally out of it and not aware of my environment even though everything says otherwise. Sunshine, why waste a good cigarette? Hurried down the walk wearing the towel. Funny, you may have had it on just a minute later. I don’t think so. Dry hair I think. Interesting how you didn’t quite come in, but looked for objects. What? Did someone show you some on the internet? Letting someone use your deck to get to mine? How is that figured in? Accessory to trespassing?  Well, I will get another one and put it in here. You ARE sick puppies. Do you feel holier than thou? Have a certain sense of superiority? Smug? Vengeful? Guess you better pray. Interesting how ignorant some of you are. Then I realized. There may be a handful of WWII vets left. The ones who were underage. Most of you have NO CLUE what we were fighting. No clue at all.  Nor, do you understand how the McCarthy era started partly because of, “I don’t have something to hide.” You went to one meeting about an idelogogy that has never exhisted. Black listed for life. McCarthy run out of town. Oh, I will see the Vet stickers. Nope. The people in WWII did not fight that war for you. Nope. Scary how many of you younger people carry with you the post 9-11 fearmongering lack of a sense of “The Constitution” and what that is about. I have nothing to hide……yep, but then it gets so someone will make up something that you “hid”. Because they can. 

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