Oh Brother – Flies Buzzing Around….This is the Picture I Have of the Gang Stalkers in My World. So Many More Important Things in Life

Like I said, “Oh brother”. Do a total 180 from goodness and you have evil. Devil. You may not think so. Oh no, whatever you think, whatever you believe is right! Wrong. Targeted Individuals. These people are scaredy  cats that don’t want to be photographed. Offer to take garbage out for me in order to see if I have put in the security system yet. Those boxes aren’t going out. They do their magic tricks with cell phones. Easy Peasy to let someone know when the Target/Survivor is heading home.

I’m here because I am here and I truly doubt that God would approve of your tactics. I wouldn’t know. We really don’t know what God thinks, do we? Jesus’s acts tell us a lot about what he would agree with. A very religious blogger had some wonderful points to make about vigilantism. But, if you’ve been told not to look at my blog, you won’t………….

A religion that “rules” and uses fear, doesn’t allow questioning or queries, stalks, commits psychological harm or allows physical harm to occur or go unchecked…………stalks. Is a cult…………….

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