Vigilante Stalkers of Sonoma County Are So Babyish, Infintile, Immature

Oops. Remembered my French: les enfants. Muy dificiles por los bambinos. Verdad?

So here I am at a great Mexican restaurant in Cotati, CA. Mi Ranchita. Fantastic food. I will be back.  First thing that a waitress with blond hair does is very thoroughly sweep under the booth near me. That is just something you don’t do unless absolutely necessary. I was a waitress at the first Marie Callendars full scale restaurant and then a hostess/cashier at Disneyland. No way would we have done that. It’s just common sense.

Oh, but the restaurant has fellow enfants. The Starbucks on Petaluma Blvd. in Petaluma, CA and the one over near Kmart. Even at closing time, you don’t get too close as you sweep. Nope.

Then, I have a straw in my water that barely came above the top of the glass. So, I asked for a taller straw. I got a black one that goes with some type of cocktail. Oh, it’s not the straw, but the plastic glass they gave me. I will check on the way out, but I don’t see another one like it. What I meant by that is – the restaurant has a particular plastic “glass” that it serves water in. Over 100 I would guess. Then there are the drink glasses with the long straws. Waitresses carry the straws for water and soft drinks in their apron. There were two glasses besides drink glasses and the regular glasses that were being used. One for a lady all the way across the restaurant who had Iced tea. One was mine. Regular size straw, but the glass is taller than the regular water glasses. So, the straw seemed too short. I expected the waitress to come over with a longer clear or white straw. Nope, they don’t have them. So, I was given a long drink straw – after asking a few times.

I checked. Must have scanned 100 glasses in the restaurant. Los bambinos. One other “glass”. The lady had iced tea. She should have asked for a bigger straw like I did. I took a great picture of my plastic glass and the chipped plastic.

Adults have conversations. L’efants, los bambinos, the babies, enfants don’t know how to. They only know how to play infantile games. I really, really feel that it is the guys who HATE being called babies.

The guys who drive the big trucks have a hard time with being called a baby………………They think they are so tough…………………ooooh! Guess you don’t read my blog. Tough is going down the White Rim Trail for 3 days………………….tough is driving through the desert on dirt roads. Tough is driving on a road made by women inmates so too many people would not travel that way – near the big horn sheep. Tough is having the weather report say the 80’s and having it get to triple digits. An ungodly number AND being in a rock canyon on top of it. My friend was sleeping on the tailgate and saw said sheep looking down. Tough is that friend’s wife who has lived with A headache for about 19 years, plus pain from scoliosis, plus fibromyalgia. They are the couple that went with us on the White Rim Trail. Tough is being Glendale Federal’s first woman branch manager and the youngest branch manager ever for Glendale Federal. That is the friend who was on the White Rim Trail.

Tough is NOT parking your silly trucks below my window because you can…………..and I know the vehicles in this place. At least one does not belong. I have seen you now three times. I think parking outside my apartment when you don’t live here really constitutes stalking.

Big babies posturing. Do you know what that means?

You are NOT tough. You are spoiled brats who throw your weight around because you can get away with it because you are part of a mob. I wonder how many of you really get incensed when you see (a relatively small number usually – they don’t tell us that) when a mob gets out of hand and destroys things. Who me? Oh who moi? says Miss Piggy. You hide behind your trucks and you and your fellow idiots carry out mob justice and try to kill someone. One person who you won’t look at in the eye or tell the person why you are being so idiotic. Have the priests been told that No Touch Torture is supposed to end in suicide? How about the rest of you. Oh ho. You really believe that once a target backs down from something that this will stop. You are a fool. Vigilante Mob members are all fools.

The white one that pulled in facing my apartment is the one that pulled in right after I got home. Guess he didn’t want to swing the car too much my way. Oops.

By the way, those who know me know what a nice person I am – was? if you have seen a video of me trying to buy some things at CVS and moving my car and looking scared to death. That was in 2012 or 2013 after pills were stolen and a work computer was stolen. I didn’t know what you idiots were doing. If you have seen a video of me out in front of Freidmans acting like I am directing traffic, that is me. I’m trying to remain sane – which I obviously have been very successful at. I took control, directing idiots down the road. Believe you me. I am doing better than most of you would after three months of this. I’ve been here before. I’ve been through hell. You haven’t. Les enfants.

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