For Survivors / Targets of Gangstalking. Second Verse, Same as the first…..Advice for Targets….

A few months back, the color was black. All in vogue. Also, I had written about white and silver cars and that had made a splash with 8 out of 9 cars at a park either white or silver (only one silver). Today was so yesterday. White. What do you want? You want me to shout to the world that there were white cars all over. Nope. I’m sticking with the photos from the park. Those are significant. I am not going to water that down with claims I cannot prove. Been here before targets…………………..I could share a picture of the whole lot and then closer up pics of the left then right side of the lot. Those pictures are strange. If I try to convince people that there were a bunch of white cars places today……….well THAT sounds crazy. Don’t sound crazy. I know how it is. You are desperate for someone to believe you. It rarely works. I can show a few things that have been enough for a police officer to file a suspicious activity report. I mean …………… a 62 year old woman, not in great shape who needs to work on balance could climb up or onto scaffolding (broke ankle a while back)? That was stupid of some stalker. AND that really is stalking. If someone knew a person was stalking them…………….and that person put up something outside the bedroom window……………… Guess what? The actress who was killed in CA led to the strictest anti stalking laws in the nation and also addresses stalking by a stranger. Bullying/stalking by a group is not far behind.

Shiny squished soda can bottoms and shiny heat shield.

So, my vigilante stalkers are trying to play “new” tricks. But. they are nothing new. Just old ones with a slight twist. Instead of putting pennies in the car it is or will be silver coins. Oooooh. Aaaaah. Not!

My second car fob was stolen months ago. Along with keys. It is so easy to have Car fobs made if they have the original. Open a door, and put a shiny dime on the sheet. Seconds.

The new outer wear this season is the Hawaiian shirt theme or tie dye. Survivors, you will probably be able to figure out your theme – not at a theater near you. (I have seen multiple people wearing tie dye………………NOT unusual at ALL for Sonoma County, CA. The point is – use the words…………………more than usual, higher than would be normal. Statistically significant. Take pictures. The Do Gooder Vigilantes hate that more than anything.

Last winter it was polka dots on many things including umbrellas. Then there were golf umbrellas. I believe two colors. I realized how totally immature these people are. I played with codes, etc. when I was around 12. Guess these mob stalkers never outgrew that stage.

More to come.

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